Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Burn2 Approaches

By Gemma Cleanslate

The Octoburn at Burn2 is getting closer by the day. I have visited Deep Hole and am happy to see all is in place in the town of Gerlach The horse rezzer is ready to take you on the playa on horseback if you like. I love to ride the roads on my horse when it is not busy or when I am patroling as a Ranger. This is the major event of the year and many regions are added on to Deep Hole to accommodate those who want to come. There are still a few parcels available so stop over to get one.

If a newbie arrives at the event there are helping posters set to aid them in movement and control of their avatar, as well as clothing for their beginning. Mentors are available to guide them too.

The gift tables are filled with gifts from the past events and new ones so stop there to get them all before you go riding. There are some fun things there.

All the regions for the burn are ready for installations and so many have already brought their creations in and are tweaking them, as usual. Over the years I have learned no matter how spectacular it looks to us artists never think they are done.

I heard the most interesting story from Jeff Olhoeft (jolhoeft Resident. Last Octoburn he and collaborators, ღ..Lyric..ღ (lyricsheart Resident and Magii (Magic2life Resident) created an installation that was lovely by day and lovely by night. It was called Metamophosis. Lyric wrote the beautiful poetry that was there. This is one of the poems that was on the art piece.

Becoming (Magic)

When I was a caterpillar
munching for life
I had a yearning inside for more.

Excitedly I opened
revealing my inner magic.
I hooked the safest branch of the butterfly bush
Hanging for eons

Never will I see my magnificence
Nor will I meet one who can reflect to me
the glory of my being.

I Am
The Last November Butterfly.

That is their Burning Man creation on the desert in 2021.They were so taken by it themselves when 3V (3vilyn Resident suggested the idea of bringing it to the desert they decided to recreate it in real life and take it to the Burning Man on Black Rock City in 2022. Wickedtruth helped them with arrangements.

And They did!!! Here is their build August 2022. What a wonderful tribute to the creative artists of our regional burn and Burning Man in second life. Usually I see rl coming into sl. Perhaps this has happened before but it is a first to me. I love it!

Want to volunteer for the Octoburn?

Come help. Be a  lamplighter or a greeter or what you like.  

Gemma Cleanslate

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