Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Various Second Life Happenings In October

By Gemma Cleanslate

I have had several very busy weeks in sl. As a Ranger at the Burn2 event most of my time was spent on the playa helping. There was one final celebration that included anyone connected to the event in any way, Leads, artists, Dj’s, Rangers, Greeters, and visitors. It was great fun! 
One more event will take place and that is the Skin Burn. It will take place on October 29 at 12 and 6. “What is Skin Burn?The BURN2 Skin Burn is a decompression event that features an “encore” Man Burn, usually 1-2 weeks after the closing of the annual BURN2 event held in late October. We Burn the Man again, with everyone in their best low-lag form. We are challenged to get wildly creative with it, too!” More information will be sent before the day.

I managed to get away to attend the installation ceremony and ball for the newly appointed Ambassador for the Jeogeot Continent. Everyone in attendance sat on bleachers outside the Embassy to witness Abnor Mole hand over the key to Bel ,,,, Bel addressed the audience saying,

"Almost 3 years ago I found the BBB and with it came Boo, Sun, North, and then me. Boo setting up office in a houseboat.

Then it was Fi’s house and from there to a cabin and then to a stilts home. Then to where it is now. Lots of moving and lots of memories.I am more than a little bit excited at being given the opportunity to be a member of the BBB again...good old memories!I want to thank Everyone for allowing me to return as the Ambassador of Jeogeot. Lots of new faces and identities for me to get to know As Ambassador of Jeogeot I want to integrate the things that Jeogeot has to offer and is known for. And to integrate the things that Bellisseria has to offer to all of Second Life. I shall continually update new adventures and areas of interest, while bringing to Jeogeot the larger-than-life areas of interest of the rest of Second Life"

Everyone offered congratulations to Bel and we then adjourned to the party area that was set up next to the Embassy property and had a wonderful time dancing and chatting. The BBB (Bellisseria Bureau of Bureaucracy) is the sponsor of all the embassies and ambassadors across the continents of SL.

I did get to two pre-Halloween parties in Bellisseria also after the Burn2 closed. DJ Bela hosted one and DJ Far hosted another. My next project is to get to see some of the spooky places set up before Halloween is over.

Our dear Hammies have set up a wonderful Hammieween at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds. Stop over to check it out and see if you can attend a party there too! There are games and a hunt going on.
Gemma Cleanslate

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