Friday, July 7, 2023

Greeting At The SL20B

By Gemma Cleanslate

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My SL life was interrupted by the SL20B since I am a greeter on the Regions and spend lots of time helping visitors and orienting them to the events and activities going on all over the 22 regions. I spend a lot of time at the Welcome centers in Awesome and Magnificent where most of the new visitors arrive for the first time. Here is located the vendor for both the Global and National sweepstakes which keeps people coming back daily to enter . The car which is the prize for the National sweeps is on display with Patch Linden replica standing by. Teleports to all the stages, important landing points and regions are  located here so it is a busy place. I have seen most of you here too!

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Several days I greeted as a dinkie and offered some help on the Hunt that was going on too. This year there were 5 prizes located at the main areas but the hints on the hud were hard ! Hints were talked about in the SL20B group chat and many completed it after a while. I made time to go do it and collected the prizes.

After a few days I was able to visit stages to greet there and offer information. My first trip took me to

the Mandala Stage where Tia Rungray(Tialer Mimulus) whose ethereal live music I first heard at last year was performing. His music is so enchanting and and is enhanced with reflections by Violet Boa.

The stage build is beautiful and held many performances and dj parties during the Music Fest and on into the week .

I was able to get to several of the lab Gabs where Strawberry Linden interviewed Patch Linden . He gave us information that Bixyl has been reporting on .

Other lab Gabs followed every day with more information on how the Lab works in different departments ending on Friday with a gathering of all the Moles who supply our infrastructure on the grid. They are busier than a colony of ants! All the talks are here is you missed them. Strawberry (above ) did a wonderful job asking resident ‘s questions for us.

I have a few more events to tell you about in another article.

Below are some photos from the regions that I visited during my tour.

Gemma Cleanslate

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