Monday, August 30, 2010

Battle of Britian, 70th Aniversary

On Tuesday August 24th, residents came together to honor those who fought and died that day decades before. The date marked the 70th Anniversary of Day One of The London Blitz, in which 3000 residents of the city were killed. Across three areas in the Grid, got together to participate in the remembrance.

At 12 Noon SL time, there was a memorial vigil at the Biggin Hill Field RAF Station, which was scheduled to last a half hour. At 12:30 PM, there was a ceasefire over the WW2 RP area in the Channel, Normandy, and Bastogne to allow for a memorial flyby flight. At 1:30, there was a memorial flight over the Greyling Field.

Following the event, Gaius Luminos gave a statement, "Today's 70th Anniversary London Blitz Memorial Service was a fitting & moving tribute. Many thanks to You, for attending, & thanks also to:
~Bancos Milestone (Lancaster Pilot)
~Spurs Seattle (Spitfire Escort)
~Toscha Vayander (Spitfire Pilot)
~Zoe Connolly (Videographer)
~Vickster Kuhn (Normany, Bastogne)
~Edgar Buckaneer (Dedication)
~kirtash Bravin (Exec Coordination-RAF)
~Albrecht Firanelli (Exec Coordination-Luftwaffe)
The Staff of RAF Biggin Hill, Normany Bastogne, & Milestone Aircraft Co."

Zoe Connolly made a video of the event, which she put on YouTube"

London would be bombed for 76 nights straight. Other British cities were also bombed. By May 1941, more than 43,000 civilians, over half from London, were killed.

"In remembering those who were lost, it should be noted that though they died, they died undefeated." - Vickster Kuhn

Bixyl Shuftan

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