Thursday, September 2, 2010

Harem Antics and More at Req City Fishing

This is a fishing contest??? Yep it is.

One way to wake up in the morning is to visit Req City at Requiem. Each day at 4:30AM SL time, Roxylee Rayna, our sweet vampire demoness, hosts a theme contest. And this is Harem and Sheik day.

Here are all the lovely ladies in silks doing a belly dance. The handsome sheiks of course are watching and we are all fishing! This sim is a dark roleplay sim, but the fishing is open to anyone who loves to fish and frolic.

Monday all are invited to wear pink. Our skeleton, Iamdave Dagger, even has pink ribs. Tuesday we have a beach party. Wednesday is Harem day. And on Thursday you will find bobbysockers bopping all around. On Friday, weird or wonderful avatars or outfits show up on the beach. The fishing DJ for all these affairs is RJ Mesmeriser, who seems to have music for every occasion! Who said fishing in SL was boring!

No one is tossed out for being out of costume, so if you would like to visit call me at 4:30AM and I will send a magic carpet to collect you.

Gemma Cleanslate

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