Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Ozland Fall Treasure Hunt

I love a treasure hunt. Right now there are several hunts going on in SL, and I recently went to one on Ozland. Owned by Sven Pertelson and Llola Lane, the Ozland hunt covers 3 sims. A good place to start is OZLAND SW (234/137/300). Treasures are hidden in fall leaves. The prizes are as plentiful as fall leaves, too! If you’ve never been on a treasure hunt before, this would be a good one to try. The leaves are easy to find, and no HUD is needed. The lack of a challenge takes some of the fun out of the hunt, but the treasures more than make up for it.

I found the prizes to be really neat: piles of fall leaves that will look great under my trees, a fall-colored rug, a lamp, and even a bed with nightstands. The leaves are hidden along the yellow brick road, of course, and inside almost every shop. There were lots of freebies inside the shops, too. Some of the freebies were not to my taste (like munchkin skins), but most of them were great. I found clothes, including ball gowns for the ladies and a tux for the guys, jewelry, and other fun things. The grey sweater I found was very warm and stylish.

Another treat in Ozland is a rotating art exhibit. Currently on display are the photographs of resident Cowboy Darbyshire, who is a RL Arizona photographer. His exhibit "Desert Thunder” shows some spectacular lightning storms. More about the Ozland art exhibit and schedule can be found at ozlandart.blogspot.com.

A note of warning, however-- at the SW corner of this sim, I received a warning message that I was entering protected land. I was still following the yellow brick road. However, more warnings like “Beware of the Dog” and “Property Protected by Robots” scared me from continuing further.

I backtracked quickly and took a teleport to the next sim, Ozland Emerald. OZLAND EMERALD CITY SKYVILLAGE (119, 106, 299). Here there were more fallen leaves to pick up and treasures to find. I came home loaded down with ice skates, Halloween decorations, and winter PJ’s. I even ran into the Scarecrow, Lion and Tin Man along the way.

The last spot on this hunt was OZLAND Cat Inn at Over the Rainbow Ballroom, OZLAND (86, 56, 300). This location had The Panhandle Arms, a pub where I enjoyed a cold Heineken, free of course. There are cute shops and things here, too. One spot is a small display dedicated to the King and Queen of Ozland, Llola Lane and Sven Pertelson. Another place is a $10L shop here, which is close to free. They had Hummingbird lamps in two sizes and lots of nature pictures for your wall.

Fall is coming. The Ozland Fall Treasure Hunt is a good way to get in the mood for it.

Grey Lupindo

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  1. Grey, glad you enjoyed your visit to OZLAND. I should point out that the warnings you got in SW sim are from a shop selling talking signs ;) and are not serious.