Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Events this Week in Second Life from Feb 15 to Feb 21

Tuesday February 15

10 AM Queen of Hearts Riverboat Club
The club of the most active romance-themed sim in Second Life

Theme: "Flower Power" (60's & 70's) DJ: Cameron, Host: Cavell
($L500 one board)
10 AM to 12 PM, Mystery (79, 89, 23)

Theme: Angels & Devils, DJ: Blacktulp, Host: Eva
12 to 2 PM, Mystery (79, 89, 23)

5PM "Passionate Redheads" Relay for Life Meeting

Back in the fall we had a series of very productive meetings to share ideas about how to make this year's RFL the best ever. Now, with just 5 weeks to go before we start the 2011 season, lets have a few more. Let us get together in the Spirit of Relay and share our ideas. Whether you are an old Relay hand, or are new to us, your ideas and input are most welcome! Please join us Tuesday at 5pm - thank you! GO RELAY!! GO REDHEADS!!

Southern Colorado, (163, 42, 26)

6 PM Club Zero Gravity
"A party among the stars" in a featured space club

Theme: Best in Glasses/Sunglasses, DJ: Timber, Host: Miyuki
$L500 Contest
6 to 8 PM Purrfection Estates (229, 11, 3365)

* * * * * * * * * *

Wednesday February 16

11 AM. SLT. - The Writer's Support Group

Eppie Shoreman's informal & informative Writer's Chat Support Group. Readers and Artists are especially welcome :-) We never know what we'll be talking about and even the seemingly random chatter is interesting :-)

11 AM - 12 PM Book Island (198, 52, 25)

12 PM Queen of Hearts Riverboat Club
Theme: Wings,
DJ Juliana, Hosts: Prince & Micha
12 to 2 PM, Mystery (79, 89, 23

6 PM Cutlass Club Party
"Best open air club on SL. Always live-music, best dancers to entertain you. 125m above Sunweaver Air. Open wed, Fri, Sat nights 6pm SL, Sun 1pm SL time. Come enjoy and dance your cares away."

Species Week
Theme: "Cats versus Canines"
6-8 PM Sunweaver Air (62, 119, 133)

6PM Club Little Dove
"Dance as you sail away above the majestic Colorado mountains in the airship Little Dove"

Theme: "Best in Violet", DJ: Alexandra, Host: Skylark
$L250 Contest

6-8 PM Southern Colorado (110, 35, 105)

7PM The Odd Ball

"Hello Tunaverse! I am Tuna Oddfellow and this is my partner Shava. We are your hosts on this wild ride. Do not attempt to adjust your monitors we are controling transmission!"

11AM to 1PM Research Center (123, 135, 652)

* * * * * * * * * *

Thursday February 17

10 AM Queen of Hearts Riverboat Club
Theme: "Beetlemania,"
DJ Cameron, Hosts: Cavell
(L$500 one board)
10AM to 12PM, Mystery (79, 89, 23

Theme: Animals and Animal Prints, DJ: Blacktulip, Host: Pint
12 PM to 2 PM, Mystery (79, 89, 23

2 PM Sandor Zabelin's Live Readings from Sena Quaren's & Alexander M Zoltai's "Notes From An Alien."

The tale of a civilization's rise from devastating war to enduring peace. Always a lively discussion after the readings :-) Also, those attending can claim a Special Listing in the published book ! The authors will reserve space to list all those who have helped, in many different ways, to bring the book to its final state... The listing includes your name (or, alias), a 2-line Bio, and Web Address :-)

Book Island (198, 52, 25)

6 PM Virtually Speaking

“A weekly news review and counterpoint to the network opinion shows. Each week, two well regarded bloggers discuss the events of the week, with an emphasis on U.S. politics and policy. “
Jay Ackroyd hosts.
6-7 PM Virtually Speaking (164, 111, 25)

6 PM Club Zero Gravity
"A party among the stars" in a featured space club

Theme: "Best in Black and White," DJ: Sadie, Host: Yulia,
500L Contest
6 - 8 PM Purrfection Estates (229, 11, 3365)

* * * * * * * * * *

Friday February 18

6PM Cutlass Club Party

Theme: Skunks
6-8 PM Sunweaver Air (62, 119, 133)

* * * * * * * * * *

Saturday February 19

10AM Netera's Coffee Lounge
Welcome to Netera's Coffee Lounge. Hope you enjoy our informative chat in our new jazzy set. In this venue you'll participate in interviews with real life writers, singers and artists

10 AM singer-musician: Jesika Wirefly
Terric (43, 137, 28)

11 AM singer-musician: Cyndi Burnstein
Terric (43, 137, 28)

2 PM Queen of Hearts Riverboat Club

Theme: "Pure Romance" - Best Dressed Contest
, DJ: Tom Denimore, Host: Savannah
2 PM to 4 PM, Mystery (79, 89, 23)

6 PM Club Zero Gravity
Theme: "Worst Shoes," DJ: Daniella, Host: Miyuki
6 - 8 PM Purrfection Estates (229, 11, 3365)

6PM Cutlass Club Party

Theme: "Foxy"
6-8 PM Sunweaver Air (62, 119, 133)

7:30 PM Saint Quentin Ballroom
DJ Lewt and his lovely wife Janna hosting dancing and music at the Saint Quentin Ballroom, music from all eras.
NOTE: The ballroom is set in the middle of a roleplay sim. The dance area is neutral ground, but guests are asked not to disturb players outside it.
7:30 - 9:39 PM Saint Quentin (64, 90, 32)

* * * * * * * * * *

February 20

10 AM The Fitzgerald Nightclub & Lounge
Sunday Morning Poetry Readings
10 AM Unsung Village (54, 91, 22)

11AM The Odd Ball

11AM to 1PM, Research Center (123, 135, 652)

1 PM "Open Mike Event" Book Island
Join Imarad Breen & Sandor Zabelin for our Open Mic In The Sky in the gorgeous Scottish Panorama. Bring your own writings (fiction, non-fiction, poetry...) or the writings of one of your favorite authors. You can read on Voice Chat or one of our regulars can read for you. And, we sure won't kick you out if all you want to do is listen :-)

1 PM Book Island (227, 211, 868)

1 PM Cutlass Club

"Euro Party" 1-3 PM Sunweaver Air (62, 119, 133)

4:30 "The 1st Question"

Live viewing of "The Quiz Show to the Stars! If you have an answer, we have a question."
4:30-5 PM Spinthrift (70, 241, 700)

5 PM Virtually Speaking
5-6 PM Virtually Speaking (164, 111, 25)

5:30PM The East Coast Conservative Podcast
"The East Coast Conservative Podcast is a weekly news & commetary podcast hosted by Hatton Humphrey (aka Hatton Hunghi in SL) and Ken Johnston (who barely has time for a real life). Our take on the world is generally conservative with a lot of humor and enough bad jokes to make a clown cry. Okay, the bad jokes are normally from Hatton, but whaddya do?"
5:30 PM Grand Old Party (166, 130, 23)

6 PM Tonight Live

Live viewing of the Tonight Live SL TV show by Paisley Beebe
6-7 PM
Lewis Rock (20, 232, 3501)

8 PM "Virtual Tonight with Sam Nightfire."

"Virtual Tonight with Sam Nightfire, is an entertainment, variety talk show with an array of topics ranging from current events and cultural trends to politics, comedy and more, all while bringing viewers closer to their favorite celebrities and notable public figures with revealing, compelling interviews."
8 PM Virtual World Network (49, 58, 1010)

8PM Cypress Rosewood

The "Best Ambient Artist in SL" performs at the Space Music Theater
Spinthrift (156, 81, 98)

* * * * * * * * * *

February 21

12 PM Queen of Hearts Riverboat Club
Theme: To be Announced
12 to 2 PM, Mystery (79, 89, 23)

2:30 PM Marney Wolfhunter

Marney Wolfhunter presents readings of her works as well as others' from her publishing house.
There are changes afoot for this creative woman and we'll hear all about it soon...
She also leaves time for a bit of Open Mic...

2:30-3:30 PM Book Island (198, 52, 25)

6PM Club Little Dove

Theme and DJ to be announced
6 PM Southern Colorado (110, 35, 105)

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