Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stop Epilepsy Our SL Way

Second Life raised L$ 166,628 for National Epilepsy Foundation with 25 hours of live music in one weekend. Lead organizer VanMorrison Mint cheered our donations upwards, as she, her friends and loved ones: Krrick Moonites, Keeba Tammas, Patch, and many others... organized a wonderful musical fundraiser for medical research in Second Life (SL).

In picture 2, Clairede Dirval literally rocks us out with her fearless brand of singing, songwriting, and guitars. Joining her onstage in this miracle weekend, numerous live musicians, including: Quinton Whitman, Bones Writer, Bart and Whirligig, Annan Dreamscape, Paul Nowles, Grateful Stryker, Evamoon Ember, Strum Diesel, Keeba Tammas, Lehman Shinn, BellaDonna Lemondrop, PMANN Sands, ReggieSunset Rookswood, Onehempcat Oldrich, Caoilte Skytower, Mack Humbridge, Clairede Dirval, EricSteffensen Mistwalker, Gregg Huet, KevinMThomas Carpool, LaidBack Celt, Phemie Alcott and Vincent Merrick. All in order of appearance! Imagine that!

In Second Life, we all help each other and pitch in for a good cause. Organizers and live musicians donate their valuable talents and time to charity. Audience members send invites to their friends, fill the house, and have a rockin good time, whilst going wild for our new favoriate charity. Events like this, while impossible to attract this fabulous talent in RL, can be readily pulled together in a fortnight or two. See the story's end for my free event training.

Epilepsy affects 50,000,000 people worldwide; almost 90% of those are in 3rd world developing countries. It is a neurological disorder that can be genetic or trauma induced, e.g. head injuries. Epilepsy is treatable, but hard to diagnose, with very personalized symptoms. Like many other conditions, patients go through numerous physicians until they find treatment that works for their case. It's frustrating at best. Epilepsy can be life threatening, as SL friends discovered, in stories past:

For more information about Epilepsy:

At the fundraiser, I met SL citizen Epileptic Dreddmore, who said: "I have been trying to create awareness for Epilepsy in SL since September." Diagnosed with the disease at a young age, Epileptic has since, "I have joined SL I have met more people touched by Epilepsy or who have it than I have in my entire life."

SL is a great platform for networking and raising awareness, and I hope to see many more events like this live music marathon raising Epilepsy awareness!

Isn't Second Life grand... there I am with a bunch of good friends, GREAT LIVE MUSIC, and sync dancing with new friend Mette Jarvinen, and many wonderful friends (Picture 3), having the best times of our lives, for a good cause, for charity. IMHO, this is what Second Life is all about.

If you are interested in organizing great SL events like this one, but don't feel experienced enough, please join us at New Citizens Inc for free event organizer training, Sundays at 6:30am and Wednesdays at 9am SL time (US Pacific). Instant message me in SL (any1 Gynoid) for more information.

(Originaly printed in CNN)

Any1 Gynoid

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