Monday, September 26, 2011

Book Island “Literary Explosion”

On September 25th at 12 Noon SL time, Book Island departed somewhat from their usual schedule. Instead of their usual Happy Hour, they held something different.

Hundreds of meters above Book Island, let us rejoice in the magic of the spoken word. Twelve SL writers, representing events and sims across the world, will unite in a literary explosion. Don't miss this event full of Stories, Sparkle, Song and Dance :-)

The proided teleport led to a door to the interior of a hot air balloon’s cabin, with everyone on the top floor of the three floor place. A few sat outside, but most sat on the inside. Among them were the dozen writers mentioned in the bulitem, including the noted Crap Mariner, and Sarah Glenn, whom Netera Landar had interviewed for Second Life Newser.

The writers read over voice a variety of poems and story segments. By touching a square on the ceiling, one would get notecards of the next writers’ work to better keep up. Klannex Northmead’s work included a poem inspired by the creature from “Alien,” and a story of “prim torture” named, “Interesting Build.”

she danced as she rezzed and she rezzed as she danced she added fader scripts textures rotations spin and in an instant I could see her beautiful beating heart I could see her beautiful art I could see her soul I could hear her smile I asked her for a word and she whispered se-ren-dip-it-y and images of long pink fingernails ran through my mind

ToryLynn Writer, a neko wearing a “Mad Hatter” outfit, did a short story of a boy meeting a girl in addition to a poem inspired by Lewis Carol’s “Jabberwocky.” After her, it was Crap Mariner’s turn, whom jumped onto the trapeeze in the room, "Hey, if there's a gun in a Hitchcock film, it's going to go off !” Crap’s writings were kept at 100 words or less. Among them, “Charity Begins Somewhere Else,” and an amusing peice “Share Eclair” :

Judith and Claire
A curious pair

When told to share

A single eclair

One rose from her chair

The other did stare
What would be most fair

To share this eclair?"

Said Judith to Claire.

"Cut the thing there?"

"No, Judith," said Claire.
If you'd compare

The halves cut from there,

One's sizeable fare

While this one is spare."

She pointed with flair.

"Let's cut the thing there!"

"We can't cut it there!

That cut is not square."

Harsh words filled the air.

There was pulling of hair.

Such an awful loud scare.

They never did share.

That single eclair.

After he was done, Crap told the audience, "stick around, it's a smorgasbord of literature." And more writers followed. Last, but certainly not least was Sarah Glenn, who did a story about a vampire out to kill another vampire. But it turned out not to be so easy.

At 2PM, Brendan Shoreland sung for the audience with a few of the songs from poems written by Seren Bechir and Morgue McMillan, the latter whom attended the event. He was followed at 3PM by DJ Izzy Upsilon.

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. Thanks for the mention. I brought the trapeze as a visual aid for my story, and was amazed at the number of people who wanted to play on it!

  2. Welcome Sarah. Was good to meet up with you again.