Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rez Day Party for Samantha Glume

A Happy 5th Rez Day celebration was held on Saturday, January 21, for Syzygy CEO Samantha Glume. The party was held at the SGE Space Station, which Samantha built, located at Syzygy Calliope (194, 115, 1100). The hangar was decked out with pink and white balloons and filled with droids. Because Samantha is a huge space and panda fan, science fiction/space was the theme and pandas decorated her rez cake.

Syzygy resident Grijandomore Greene entertained the crowd with a huge selection of space themed music. Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks decorated the hangar and provided the huge pink and white rez-day cake that was decorated with Samantha’s signature pandas. Moto (Motoko Henusaki) won a prize for correctly guessing (or counting) the number of droids that Pipsqueak had placed around the hangar.

During the afternoon party many well-wishers came to the party. They danced for hours. Among them were Elric Anatine, Celtic Infinity, MoonBeam Sorbet, Lydia Bracken, Kulta Hannu, Mr. Cosmos (Lincon Cosmos), Moya Tagente' , Richard Hapter, and Elizabeth Rechter.

Grey Lupindo

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