Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Survivors of Suicide" Valentine Ball

On Saturday February 11th, the "Survivors of Suicide" depression-support group held a Valentine's Day Ball. Besides some much needed fun and music for some of the volunteers and group members, the ball was also a fundraiser to take in some Lindens for group expenses. The event was held at the Moon Spirit Club.

Come and join us for a Valentine Ball and fundraiser from 5-8 PM SL time tonight. Wear you sexy valentines outfit. Attached is the invite. I would be most honored if you came. The fundraiser is for the survivors of suicide group.

Dropping in on the party, it started out small at first, but gradually grew in numbers. At it's peak, over two dozen people were there. They were a mix of SoS volunteers and other members, including group leader Krissy Sinclair, Moon Spirit regulars, and a number of others. No one was certainly acting like they were members of a depression support group at the start.

People happily danced away to the music provided by DJ Sunflower Humbridge, whom declined accepting tips. She instead asked people to donate what they would otherwise give her to the depression support group. And the dancers did donate a fair amount of funds, having a good time to the music. At one point, a newbie in a gold robot avatar stumbled in, dancing on the dance pole, which provided some chuckles to the event.

Unfortunately, some sad news reached the party. This was the time news of the tragic death of Whitney Houston made the news, and word spread across Second Life. At the party, the people expressed shock and surprise, as well as worries her name would be dragged through the mud, given her troubled history. Songs were requested, and played, in her honor, such as "I Will Always Love You" and "Run to You," from the movie "The Bodyguard" she starred in, "Save the Best for Last," and "The Greatest Love of All."

I decided long ago,
never to walk in anyone's shadows.
If I fail, if I succeed,
At least I live as I believe.
No matter what they take from me,
They can't take away my dignity.
Because the greatest love of all,
Is happening to me.
I found the greatest love of all,
Inside of me.
The greatest love of all,
Is easy to achieve.
Learning to love yourself,
It is the greatest love of all.

The event went on for two hours before the participants went their separate ways. The SoS group meets every Sunday at Noon SL time in the San Jose East Sim.

Bixyl Shuftan

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