Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Going About Burn2

By Gemma Cleanslate

Sunday, my first visit to Burn2 was to roam and see what was going on. The greeter at the gate looked festive in her outfit and dancing around gleefully. I picked up a bag of gifts from her back pack that I knew would be helpful for the week. My next trip was to wait for the bunny tour that took us over the sims for a wonderful view of the layout and all the marvelous builds.

Great start to seeing the vibrance and color of all the installations below and locating The Man and The Temple. At the drop off I skated over to the entrance again to pick up all the gifts left by creators and staff of the event. As a retired Ranger, greeter, host, Lamp Lighter and sort of builder-helper I knew many of the staff and was glad to see them around again.

I stopped to check out the Man of this year, built by Pygar Bu and Mariannne McCann. I then walked  down the road to the spectacular Temple, by Daark Gothly. The vibrance of the colors make it very fitting for the surrounding playa. I left some messages in the censer on the upper level. These messages will be read out across the playa when the Temple burns next week. 

I made my way over to the vehicle rezz area to check out the types of transport created by Department of Mutant Vehicles members involved in the Burn2. They are always cute and fun to ride especially when lag is at a minimum.  

I meandered across the sims on the ground admiring the work of the creators who worked there.  One build where I spent some time resting while I cammed around is  the lovely Wind-Song Orbs.There are 25 orbs suspended in the air in the center of large rocks that are the walls of the site.They are lead to chime , each with a unique sound,by a conductor located below where you can start the orbs playing in accordance with the direction and speed of the wind. It is a restful sound and fits so well with the desert around. 

I also stopped to talk with Leroy Horton who has a cute fun build with a riot of robots and color. He was dressed in his robot avatar to walk around the roadways. 

I checked in at the Ranger station to say hello to the two on duty Rangers, Jezzie and Radioactive  who were enjoying the quiet after the storm of the opening. I plan to spend some time visiting again to see the builds scattered across the regions and stop in at some  of the parties . There will be activities every day and here is the schedule. -

The entrance at Deep Hole is here and just follow the well marked road to the gate. This annual event is not to be missed!

Gemma Cleanslate

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