Monday, October 15, 2018

Halloweentown and Creation's Halloween Festival

By Gemma Cleanslate

Landing and finding myself surrounded by bones at Halloweentown was a little disconcerting, and then to have little pumpkin spiders crawling  around did not help! This sim is mostly great fall scenes and Halloween decor that will fit any venue.I recommend it for shopping for sights and scenes for your autumn and scary sims.

I took a delightful carriage ride around the woody sim and saw lots of fun things along the way.At the top of the hill I jumped out to tour a Mystery Mansion. A walk through was an experience.  Who did what to whom here was my thought all the way along and no one there was able to tell me. Walking back through the misty woods was frightening since strange creatures were all along the way. I passed a witches cove filled with potions .

My last stop there was at spooky carnival populated by eerie clowns. If you need decor for your sims make a stop here.

Lots to see and buy! For those who like gachas too. 


After Halloweentown I went shopping.

Creations Park is all about Parkinson’s disease and the Fox Foundation as you know. Right now there is a huge Season's Festival  going on  with a 10L pumpkin hunt in the shops. Visiting this pleasant sim is always fun. This time after I took a TP over to the shopping area from the well marked teleport map I went on up the the magnificent castle on the hill. 

The grounds are deceptively beautiful because inside it is a nightmare. Wisps of ghosts floating and skeletons occupy the many rooms you visit.

Each room has its own personality with or without occupants. Watch carefully for entrances to secret places as you go .

Also keep an eye for the 13 black cats in rooms . They contain a prize. At the roof sits a dragon waiting to take you on a ride! He has ulterior motives! When you have time visit the other wonderful sights on this delightful sim.Near the teleport map there is a group invite board and the calendar if you would like to know more about the region and its events and its ongoing mission.

Gemma Cleanslate

Addition: the wrong SURL was given for Halloweentown, it's been corrected.

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