Monday, April 15, 2019

Oasis for Parkinson’s

By Gemma Cleanslate

“I am thrilled to announce the opening of 'The Oasis Event and Hunt for Parkinson's' Come explore the mystery of ancient Egypt. Events For Parkinson’s and Miss Globe Universal Charity Foundation partnered up for this exciting new event. “ Barbie Alchemi announced last week and I am late in getting over there to see it all.

This is a partnership installation and is not to be missed. The build is fabulous. Every step has hints of ancient Egypt with all the art and hieroglyphics around.

Each shop is filled with beautiful offerings from your favorite creators. So many are participating and giving contributions from their sales, some 100 percent. The shopping is so enticing I did indulge.

In one shop there is an informational display about Parkinson's disease and the efforts to find a cure for it. Be sure to stop there and read,

There are also two hunts going on. In many shops you will find a small scale pyramid for sale for only 15L with great prizes in them. I peeked and also got quite a few.  The other hunt is in the large pyramid where there are gems scattered about and you must find those that contain a prize. These are more expensive but worth it since the proceeds also go to the great cause. There is fabulous fashion show planned for Saturday, the 20th, 10AM SLT at the temple near the pyramid.

A large outdoor stage is set for music, theater, dancing and fun. I found a couple dressed for the event having a dance on the stage while I was there for the 4th time. Even if you don’t shop much you can make a donation at one of the lovely kiosks set up around the region. Be sure to make a visit before the 21st of April when it will close. Kudos to the creators of the sim for the beauty they brought to it.

Gemma Cleanslate

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Editor's Note - I had a few words with Barbie Alchemi. She credited Rose Mikaelson (djroseathena) with the building of the Oasis, and mentioned Nola Hellershanks and Shelia Style as the co-cordinators.  One of the buildings she pointed out to me was the pyramid, which had a small maze inside. For more information, check out Creations for Parkinson's blog: 

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