Sunday, June 21, 2020

The Newser Tenth Anniversary Party

By Bixyl Shuftan

It was ten years ago on Sunday June 6 that the Second Life Newspaper after four years in operation posted it's final article. Four of it's writers, Gemma Cleanslate, Grey Lupindo, Shellie Sands, and Bixyl Shuftan (myself) would continue reporting news about Second Life under a new newsletter: the Second Life Newser. Sadly, our first few stories would be about the closing of the only news publication we'd written for up to that point. But it wouldn't be long before we were writing on other stories such as the Linden Lab layoffs and the residents' reaction to them, the closing of Greenies, M Linden stepping down and Philip taking his place for a few months as intitem CEO, "Emeraldgate" and the formation of Team Firestorm, and many more.

Ten years later, much in Second Life has changed. Shelie and Gray would eventually have to depart the Newser due to real life. But other talented writers would come, and the Newser has continued on. And on Saturday June 13, it was time to celebrate.

The party started at 12 Noon with DJ Grease spinning his tunes, such as some Final Fantasy remixes. Besides DJing, Grease is also a tarot card reader, "Today is the 13th. 13 is also the death card in major arcana." (in tarot, the death card represents change, not the end).

The special sign for the event (first picture) was a gift from Avi Arrow.

Newser writer Gemma Cleanslate was there much of the time. Behind her here is Oldesoul Eldermar.

Cyfir, the most recent of the writers on the staff, was also there.

Annie Brightstar showed up early at the party, looking a bit young.

Professor Gray, who runs the freebie center near the Newser office, came by on a mechanical mount.

Wildstar Beaumont of the Relay also made an appearance.

It should be noted that there was a little confusion about the party's date as the notice that went up Friday morning didn't mention the date, which was Saturday, and it wasn't corrected until later in the day. But word of the correct day and time got around.

Following DJ Grease was DJ Sebris.

JB Raccoon standing guard, with Little Spirit and Biohazard.

Matt Carlton was also there.

"Giraffes in the air."

Cynthia Farshore was also there.

Penny (Deaflegacy), a Newser writer currently on break, showed up with a kitsune look inspired by Matt.

Valkyrie Ice, dressed up and with a parasol.

Sunweaver chief Rita Mariner and Gil Otaared, the latter with a pony pillow.

For the last hour of the three hour event, the music was played by DJ Snowbuns. Snowy didn't take  any tips. Instead, she asked people to donate to the Relay kiosks, or the Homes For Our Troops one.

 For each of the three hours, there was a contest. As this was a special event, Happy Vixen staff could and did enter. For Grease's hour, the winner was Nikkita Sugar Lefavre (Aubrytia Resident). For Serbis' set, DJ Snowbuns was the winner. And for Snowbun's set, a friend boosted the prize to 1500 Linden dollars. It was won by Clove  (VoxDragon Resident).

Following Snowy's event, a number were still in a party mood. So Matt Carlton DJed for two more hours at the Happy Vixen.

There were others whom showed up, such as Lost Prim, Leondra Larsson, Beryl Strifeclaw, Dusk Griswold, and many that there's no room to mention.

There were all sorts of stories shared, and many jokes good, bad, and so bad they were good, told. Eventually, it was time for people to head out, and goodbyes were given.

"Thank you girls for the company. Thank you everyone. Congrats to the winners. Congrats on 10 years! See you all next time."

"To another 10 years SLNewser, thanks for all you do."

Bixyl Shuftan

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