Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The Heterocera Embassy Opening, And A Glance At The SLEA

By Gemma Cleanslate

My busy week getting back to business and fun was a mixture of events I could get to. Eduardo Minghuang dj and owner of Cuban Cafe has post blockade Cuba featuring “Latin tunes & dances: BALLROOM SAMBA SALSA MAMBO MERENGUE FLAMENCO LAMBADA BACHATA KIZOMBA RUMBA TANGO! Also beaches, Cuban coffeehouse & Revolution Museum.”
The venue is open on Mondays Tuesdays and Thursdays..

Romie Vella invited me to this event and I am glad I got there. The visitors were both Spanish and English and all had a great time listening and dancing to the tunes.

I went over to SLEA for the first time in a long time. I received a notice that the Art Walk had new artists exhibiting there . Most of the artists were new to me and so interesting. It is a very eclectic grouping and each installation is one that takes some meditation to explore the theme.

I was taken with Bryn Oh’s exhibit. It is so different from her usual story lines. I walked into her garden of flowers and was immediately surrounded by giggles! It was so pleasant to walk through I had to do it several times enjoying the laughs of the flowers I touched as I walked. She was the only artists I was really familiar with .

Another build that was fun to walk on was the particle show. By walking on tiny islands set in a pond I was able to activate particles nearby. The artist ,Tyrehl Byk, calls it The Ego’s Many eyes. Have some fun there.There are other installations to explore and enjoy. I will let you have the pleasure of understanding the artists and their work. Just walk along the path , barefoot if you like as Tansee suggests . It is a circle that takes you by each exhibit . In front of each you can pick up a notecard that tells you the background and experience of each artist in real life and SL.

Saturday there was installation of a new Ambassador for the continent of Heterocera. Daria Raynier received her key from Suη (Dark Sunflower), a BBB official, since Abnor was was not able to attend.

Yuriko Kimura (Rydia Lacombe) Hiraya mayor greeted the audience and Dariah as the new Ambassador and wished her well in her new position. There were several other Ambassadors attending.

Dariah graciously thanked her and made a short and sweet speech , “Last Saturday I celebrated my 13th rezday. Now I am pleased and have the honor to contribute to our communities. Now in a new position as ambassador I did a lot of travel things in the past. And I am happy to do new things for Heterocera and Bellisseria now.Thank you all for coming. We will no go to the music and fun part of the day …”

And the party began with music by Mandy Dorfler ,known from the grid-wide famous Harlow's Women Club. That was the end of my week. 

The embassy is at

Gemma Cleanslate

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