Monday, August 15, 2022

Alice in Bell Fairgrounds and NatureCon

By Gemma Cleanslate

While you are waiting for Naturecon2022 to open take a trip over to the Bellisseria Fairgrounds to see a really sweet installation that Gracie (GracieAustinn Resident) has built. 

It will be there until Friday the 19th or Saturday the 20th she said.

There was a really fun party to open it Friday. Many participants came dressed in costume to fit the venue. 

The banter and the music by DJ Far added to the enjoyment as he played songs from various holidays in the UK that were not familiar to many but brought smiles and laughter to all at the event.
Take a walk around and see the creatures of the Alice story that most of us remember loving then and still.

Then cross over into the abandoned carnival next door arranged by Tristan Elan. Jump on the rides that are still working though the carnival seems so broken and closed. We tried them!

Naturecon 2022 is opening the 18th. There was a lovely meet and greet held a while back where those participating gathered to share their planned activities. There will be two regions for the event with many booths and installations celebrating the varied nature locations on the Mainland and Bellisseria.

I went over to regions to see the layout . Placing the regions the Moles placed a mountain with a lighthouse overlooking all. Now the land is ready for the all the groups. Exhibit booths are in place.
There are so many places to explore all over the regions.

Soull Starlight and Yukiko Yeshto are putting in so much time and energy preparing for the week.
There are nature activities planned as well as live performances, parties and so much more. I believe some collaborators plan tours. Families are I invited to participate tours in special activities for them.

While exploring I walked up, up the mountain. On the side of the mountain I stopped in at a lovely Cafe ready with food and drinks for visitors. I found a hang glider near the summit and had an easy time coming down. I think there is rock climbing that I need to find. The train is running and offers a nice ride around the mountain with many stops along the way.

I found Hiroko Nubalo working hard getting the Mount Campion installation in place. She has nature trivia planned as one activity at the Nature Center on site. Her displays are so interesting at the mountain I look forward to it all. Next door I see that Pygar Bu has also started the Bay City contribution. It will be exciting to see the finished installations. Save time for this wonderful event that will last from August 18 through the 31st.

Here is the landmark to save also until then. It will put you right next to the train crossing and the office.

Gemma Cleanslate

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