Thursday, August 25, 2022

More on NatureCon

By Gemma Cleanslate

I have been spending quite a bit of time over at the Naturecon which is open until the 31st . If you have not been there yet, you are missing so much. After roaming the two regions I found little nooks of information about so many places to visit on the mainland that I never knew existed. I have a list and will get to some of them.

The train rides on the regions are fun. At the entrance you can hop on Cranston’s railroad that will drop you off at several levels where you can get to visit the booths of many of these places and find information about them. Hop on and off as you like. It will take you all the way to Mt Campion National Forest. The Zany Zen runs from the Lighthouse to the Treetop Overlook where the view of the volcano and the waterside in the distance are visible. There are also horse rezzers at many sites .

Strawberry Linden came to do a Lab Gab and I hopped the train with her for a ride . Her discussion and tour of the area with the organizers and team members was great fun. I had such a laugh when she hopped on the glider and fell off into the ocean. I really laughed out loud to see a Linden at the bottom of the bay asking for a tp! Watch the Lab Gab to see and hear more from all the team and see some of the locations. 

Speaking of the ocean floor do not miss the beach area and the installations there. Then venture into the underwater world to see its beauty.

I entered the artist search contest to find the six canvases where one has to paint the canvas at those points and then send them off to Cranston Yordstorm for a prize. It too a while but I finally found all six with help from the hints on the instructions. The first one is placed right at the railway station near your landing point.

As a real life birder a visit to the Bird Observatory was a treat. Just sitting at the pond looking at the birds in the wetland was relaxing. 

True Redrose and Lautlos Resident have information about importance of birds in our lives on the infoboards on the boardwalk.

This taxi will take you to the entrance

Gemma Cleanslate

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