Saturday, December 24, 2022

A Tour of The Dickens Project

 By Gemma Cleanslate

It is not often I am here to get to a Nonprofit Commons meeting but I had that chance on Friday and was able to attend and also take a field trip for a tour of the Dickens Project. I was thrilled to learn that the much loved project would return this year It is always a thrilling experience to return to Victorian times and dress for that era.

This year there is a change in the entrance. Accept the experience and envelope it all. Victorian dress is not required to visit but is fun to wear if you have some. Just exploring the two regions will give you a feel for the Victorian times if you cannot get to one of the events.

Valibrarian Gregg led the tour explaining how people were able to discern clothing habits of Victorians from careful research. We visited the research center that is located in town when you visit. You can enter the area from the welcome center .

Another day I attended an event in the Opera House where members did a reading of A Christmas Carol.

I tried to get to a tour where A Christmas Carol staves ( chapters) were being read as people moved along to the various shops in town but had a crashing event. There will be more events held at the locations around the Dickens project regions until January 3. I hope to get to some of them. 
This is the calendar of planned events at this time :

I made a stopover to my camp on Yosemite to enjoy the falling snow there. The whole region is full of snow and ice. All the waters have been frozen so skating everywhere is a pleasure. The horses don’t mind the snow so you can take a horseback ride to see everyone’s decorations.

Last week we had a gathering at the visitor’s center to enjoy a rocking chair party with delicious Irish coffee and chat with neighbors. Jadin Emerald hosted and supplied the food.

Stop by the visitor center and collect a visitor tp hud to visit all the locations offering activities and views to enjoy alone or with a friend. Skate around but watch the ducks who still hang out .

Gemma Cleanslate

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