Saturday, December 31, 2022

Christmas Scenes

By Bixyl Shuftan

Christmas is a big time in Second Life, and much of it we already covered. But some things didn't quite make it yet. At the Wedcot area, Zada Bury and I watched a Disney-style Christmas parade. 

It would be a reoccurring theme at the Sunweaver clubs, such as Cutlass.

 And the Happy Vixen.

 I had some fun at the Christmas Expo. I just wish I had spent a little more time there.

The fun included the ball at the end. 

The sims would remain up for a while. I came across Gil Ottared skating.

At Bay City, there was a boat parade in the middle of the month, followed by a party at the Fairgrounds in North Channel. At one point, people were asked to pose for a picture. 

Sunaswami's party, which I was invited to.

Dancerina invited me over at a party in the PBC skating pond. I showed up as a Christmas mouse, a favorite look of mine in the holiday.

Caledon would have it's own parties.

Nearby Wooburn had one as well.

And Europa Wuffenbach

A week before Christmas on December 18, the Happy Vixen would hold a yearly tradition, the "Twisted Christmas" party with club owner Nydia Tungsten playing a selection of Xmas parody songs from mild to wild to oh-em-gee!

Caledon's Christmas parties would continue that week.

I would take part in the Linden Snowball Fight on the 19th

But took more pictures than my short article would allow.

Throwing whales in a snowball fight?

Dion Mole, trying to get everyone to put down their snowballs and warm up with some hot coco. 

Tuesday the 20th, a party with tines at Caledon.

 Shockwave and Cynthia at the playing of the Caledonian anthem at the end.

Club Zero Gravity would have it's Christmas event on Wednesday the 21st.

Thursday the 22nd might have been "Cute and Fluffy" at the Happy Vixen, but DJ Snowy was sporting an obvious Christmas look.

Thanks to a real-life grinch, the Christmas party at Club Cutlass on Friday the 23rd turned in to a six-hour fundraiser.

On Christmas Eve, Saturday Dec 24, I spent a little time at Safra Nitely's Christmas party.

 Saffra had quite a winter scene around the dance area.

Christmas Day would have a party at Furry Fashion.

And would end the holiday at a party at the Deathlands. While perhaps a post-apocalyptic area isn't exactly what one thinks of as a place to celebrate Christmas, it can happen.

 And so, it was the passing of the Christmas season in Second Life. It was a time for shopping, but also to meet up with friends and have fun. And of course to take a moment for the reason of the season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Bixyl Shuftan

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