Thursday, June 24, 2010

Greenies Home Closes, Moves to OpenSim

Wednesday June 23rd was the last day of the “Greenies Home” sim in Second Life. On June 15th, Rezzable, the owners of the sim, announced they would be closing the area, and moving the contents to their grid in OpenSim. Since then, a number of visitors have given the noted sim a last look before it’s scheduled end.

For three years, the sim stood as an example of creativity and humor in Second Life. The area consisted of two rooms in a house that took up the entire place, visiting residents looking about the size of mice in comparison. In fact, one walked into the rooms from a mousehole. The human owners were nowhere to be seen, but who was around were numerous tiny green men known as the “Greenies.” They could be seen in various amusing situations from trying to figure out something, to riding one of the household toys, and occasionally getting in a bit of trouble.

The whimsical little aliens quickly became the talk of Second Life, and the place was recommended to newcomers as a must-see location. And over time, Rezzable made little changes to the place, such as an occasional new Greenie, temporarily adding in games such as the roach-zapping pest control, once the mothership appeared in the sim, accessible via the Greenies small saucers, the family TV and scanners on the ship broadcasting a 1950’s alien invasion TV show. There was also a sequel sim, “Greenies Lawn.” And of course, the little aliens appeared in Relay for Life sims, such as one depicting the accidental death of dinosaurs from them, and appearing in Second Life’s Fifth Birthday celebration. Rezzable did other noted sims such as “Carnival of Doom,” but Greenies Home remained their most famous.

Almost a year ago on July 7 2009, Rezzable announced it would be withdrawing it’s sims from Second Life, and moving the places to OpenSim. But Greenies Home would be staying, at least for the time being, as Rezzable’s last sim of 40 at their peak.

And on June 15th, came the news Greenies Home would soon be gone from the Metaverse as well, "now it is time for the Greenies to come home."

Taking a look last week, I found a few new aliens I hadn’t noticed before. This included one next to an ad for their OpsnSim grid. Then again, it had been some time since I was last hear. At the Greenies store, I went ahead and got one of their avatars as a momento. Over time, there has been quite a variety of costumed Greenies, such as pirate, vampire, and even Gorean (showing their sense of humor again). Yours truly just got your basic Greenie. There were also a number of freebie items up on vendors.

The final week had various events at the sim. There were a couple fishing parties, the second on on Sunday from 1 to 3 SL time. On Wednesday the final day, from 1 to 4 PM SL time there were two live music events by Thumper Boucher and Truelie Telling. After the partiers dispersed, people continued to drop in for a final look. Some locations had copies available for sale, marked by a red tag. For a price, fans could take a momento home with them.

Most people this reporter overheard were sad to hear of the little green fellows leaving Second Life. A few commented they had never heard of them, scratching their heads at the fuss. But they were a minority.

And so a piece of Second Life disappears, leaving behind memories, a few Greenie rings and other souvenirs, and of course those Greenie avatars. So perhaps they did not truly make a complete exit.

“Live Green and prosper.”

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. sniffle* miss you greenies. was my fave playgroung in sl

  2. Sammich Sideshow:

    I loved Greenies and I wish I was around before the sim closed. I will miss them dearly and I will treasure the momentos I acquired there.