Friday, November 26, 2010

PAD! Not So Common

Pop Art, ”The transformation of the Commonplace“. We see it every day. It is used in advertising, in the comics, in magazines, in museums, just about everywhere. Some is funny, some very serious, but it is all real Art.

I was invited to attend the opening of a new exhibit of Pop Art Display, PAD, in SL on Tuesday. It was an amazing opening with 45 avatars there at various times and for most of the tour. The tour was enlightening as Matteus Taurog, one of the principles behind the exhibit, narrated the vision of the exhibit in Italian. And Ramona Halsey translated for the English Speakers. He described some of the 176 works with 40 in 3-D. Eros Boa, famous for his 3D work in Second Life, has placed some duplicates of famous pieces that you allows you to join with costumes and avatars he has placed there for you.

The exhibit building is 10 stories, so be prepared to stay a while to view and interact with many of the components of the exhibit. We moved from floor to floor by either flying or falling through appropriately marked openings. I know I will be going back several more times. There is so much there to appreciate.

Many of your favorite real-life artists and celebrities are represented in this magnificent exhibit. I saw Zorro Hirvi, another of the creators looking surprisingly like Andy Warhol, as did Eros. One floor is a complete re-creation of Warhol’s Silver Factory, his studio and the gathering place.

You will find an information card as you move through the museum at floor 1 that will give you a concise history of POP Art. The exhibit plans to stay in Second Life for a long time. At my last visit Eros was arranging a machine that had gum balls rolling all over the floor so it is still a work in progress. There is no closing date.

The Pop Art Display is located at the Solaris Island sim at (46,167,486)

Gemma Cleanslate

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