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The Mystery Royal Wedding

Sunday July 10th would go down in the history of the Mystery sim as one of its most important days. The occasion: the virtual wedding between sim manager Princess Amythe Moonlight and Bloodrose Writer. Amy’s title was bestowed upon her by Tygeria Mirabeau, whom has long been called the “Queen of Hearts” by staff and regulars alike. Bloodrose has long been called the “Evil DJ” of Mystery, known for his loud and wicked laugh that supposedly can be heard across the sim.

The event was set for 10AM SL time, but the guests began arriving much earlier. By 9:45, there were close to two dozen people already at Mystery. The wedding would not be held in the club, but it was held on a special set build just for the occasion. A platform of wood planks were set just over the surface of the water, with large white sails covering the seating area and ceremony position, an arch with a picture of a Star of David over the moon, with a rose in the middle. At the other end was a circular structure supported by four white columns where the bridesmaids stood.Next to that was a pile of presents, and not far from that a fancy royal carriage, placed there as if to take the newlyweds to the reception. And in the middle of the seating area was a lone chair with a shotgun leaning against it, set up for a touch of Tygeria’s brand of humor.

As the minutes passed, more people arrived. No one was counting, though it’s safe to assume more than forty people showed up, staff, regulars, and friends of both. The bridesmaids were in position, patiently waiting. Among them, Mystery live singer Debi Late. Also waiting, at the ceremony area, was the groom Bloodrose Writer. For whatever reason, he was dressed in a while suit for the occasion. While it’s possible he was not aware what white was supposed to signify, most likely it was part of some kind of funnery. Over the airwaves various romantic and love-themed tunes were played. At one point, the “wedding march” ran for five seconds before it was corrected. Tygeria chuckled, “not so fast.”

Finally, the bride appeared.Mystery’s Princess appeared in a beautiful white gown, which drew a few comments from the guests, “Wow!” “Very beautiful bride.” “Wow indeed!”The dress was designed just so slightly naughty that led one to wonder if Bloodrose or more likely Tygeria were behind the choice. As it turned out, it was only her involved with the dress. With her was Maxx Sabertooth, Mystery’s live R&B singer, who would be giving her away to Blood. After everyone had a moment to see them, the bridesmaids and the men walked down the isle, and then last walked Maxx and Amy. They reached the wedding arch, then Maxx took his place on the chair with the shotgun.

Tygeria then spoke, “Welcome all who have gathered here today. Thank you Maxx Sabretooth for giving your blessing and giving our Amythe away today. I see you have your shotgun, but I feel it won't be needed, for these two are already one. We are just here to publicly celebrate it. So relax, Dear Maxx, Our girl is in the safest hands.”

“Many are here and many others, who cannot be here, send their thoughts, their love and their blessings on this act we all witness here today. This is a wedding in Second Life, but what is Secondlife? Some feel it is an extension of oneself into the realm of the taboo, things you cannot do in first life you can in Second Life. Note how, even I, capitalize Second Life in defiance to the constraints of first life.”

“While this is true and the impossible is possible in Second Life, what if it is an extension but not of the impossible, but of the fated? The what is supposed to be, that has not happened yet, in first life. A dry rehearsal for the big debut. The unveiling of the secret in a way to eventually show the world (first life) this is what I am meant to become. This is the life I want to live and this is the partner, I have chosen. I like my second definition of what is Second Life better.”

“And here in the shadow of our labor of love for five years, the Queen of Hearts, we testify this. . . Amythe Moonlight, Our Amythe Moonlight, Princess of Hearts! Amy to those of us who love her, has been not in my employ but my partnership for almost all of this time. We have worked and slaved for others, now we celebrate her choice in a wedded mate. Not a partner or a flight of fancy but a man whose heart is pure under his gruff exterior.”

“We all know Amy for her art, her building, her clothes designing. But from this day forward, we will all know Amy's heart. For a moment we will see what lies in her heart as she gives it to the man she loves. A man who in time has overcome many obstacles to be here for her, and with her on many days and in large and small ways. Who is this man who claims the treasure of Mystery, the Princess of Hearts? The friend, the mentor, the artist, our precious Amy! Bloodrose Writer. Yes, Bloodrose Writer is this man's name.A valiant defender of good, in a backwards kind of way. A rebel ,a leader and a true, true friend.”

“To some of us forever these two will be the odd couple, but being odd in Second Life. . .as long as it not a TOS violation, there is no odd. In this world with no odds, there will be no obstacle to their success. A gifted man of music and well versed in the written word. A man who is giving and kind once you dig down a few layers.”

(laughter from audience)

“Forthright and fair, patient and kind, All traits that describe this man. The Lead DJ of Hearts, the Mystery Evil DJ, The man who poured his heart out in silence for a time before asking for consideration from our Amy. The Man who wept in the shadows now stands in the sun to be by her side: to be her leader and her greatest supporter. Yes I said her leader, but not in submissive terms.His goal as leader is to lead but not with her behind, but with her at his side and he in turn at hers. To fulfil her hearts desire, thusly consequentially fulfilling his , is his mission. Let no one stand in his way of accomplishing this mission the fates have bestowed upon him. Amy, friend, artist, mentor, creator, Princess of Hearts, let your heart speak to us and this man your heart's desire.”

Tygeria Mirabeau nodded to Amy, and the bride spoke to Bloodrose, “My love, Your eyes captured me the first time we met and part of me remained with you. Years passed and we walked different paths but every time my eyes gazed on you, I would smile remembering that first day. Like the moon in the dark sky, I blaze in light when you are near. Without a word, you can make my heart soar and my soul sing. Your touch strengthens me and your love envelops me. You are my mirror, my truth, my passion, and my desire. With you I am more than I ever thought possible. With you I am complete. With all of my heart I love and cherish you. Today all my dreams come true as I stand here beside you and we begin our walk together on our new path.”

Tygeria smiled, then turned to Bloodrose, “Bloodrose, I know you many years as a DJ, as a friend in my life surpassing this game, and time itself,. What do you offer to show the world that you are more than what you allow most to see and worthy of My Amy?”

Bloodrose then spoke, “I, Bloodrose Writer, do solemnly take thee, my Princess as my wife, to love cherish and honor from this day forward as I have in our past. I commit to you in ways that I have shared with no other. Out of tragedy comes joy and the hope for a bigger and brighter tomorrow. With you through the years as my friend, yes my mentor and my love, we have enjoyed the pains of real life and the sorrows of Second Life. But we have also enjoyed magic as out friendship turned to love. I love you my Princess and shall ever remain faithful and true. No longer shall I roam and I shall make Second Life my home, till that day we that are two become one in all realms. Hard this shall be, but for the world will see. I cherish you my love, my Princess my Amy.”

Tygeria smiled, then spoke again, “Yes, though I officiate here today, I, like so many others claim a corner of the heart of Amy. So speak your heart old friend, drop your guise and let us know the treasure you will give to our greatest gift, Amythe Moonlight, my Amy. . . I, Tygeria Mirabeau, owner of the Sim of Mystery and the Queen of Hearts; Pledge to not only be the official of this union but to nurture it and protect it. In my eyes there is nothing that is stronger than two who have become one in the presence of friends.”

Tygeria asked, “The rings please?” And those acting as ring bearers presented them to the couple. As they exchanged them, Tygeria continued, “All of us gathered together to witness must agree that this is a union of love, made upon the bedrock of friendship and already tempered by time. I can say no more to this than the two have uttered and I find myself in the throws of emotion. Let us Pray! No matter your belief or faith we pray for blessings and strength for this incredible couple. We pray for happiness and smooth travels upon the path they shall walk together forever more. From their mouths, we have seen their hearts and lay low any doubt that these two should be one. We pray for the Writers as a family. And revel in the joy that their commitment brings to us.”

Finally, Tygeria gave the words, “Bloodrose. . . You may now kiss your Amy.” “Gladly,” the groom answered, and the couple embraced into a kiss. The guests then erupted into applause, with cheers for the couple, “Awwww.” “Splendid!!” “Congratulations!” “Jolly Good Show!!” “Congratulations to the beautiful couple,Love, Peace and Happiness follow you all days.” Over the sim came an announcement, “Presenting Bloodrose Writer and Amythe Moonlight ! We wish the happy couple a house full of sunshine, hearts full of cheer, and love that grows deeper each day of the year!” Fireworks then began dotting the skies with their colored lights. Then came another announcement, “Amythe Moonlight (amythe.moonlight) is now known as Amythe Moonlight-Writer”

After a few more congratulations, it was time for the reception. It was not at Mystery itself, but in a rented area. Guests were asked to touch an object to get the landmark. But everyone ended up in an empty building. People fanned out to find the right place, and it quickly was. The reception was at a beautiful marble structure with white curtains hanging down in places, resembling columns, with a sapphire blue dance floor in the middle. There were two chandeliers hanging down, with blue flame licking upwards, in addition to smaller blue flames on the floor near the edge. In front were marble floor sections separated by ice, with a posing place for pictures. And of course in the back of the reception area was the cake.

Tygeria asked for those helping out with the wedding to the posing area, and pictures were taken. Then all were asked to the dance area, where Maxx Sabertooth took the stream, congratulated the couple, and then began singing his rhythm & blues songs. Someone commented over his earlier sitting with the shotgun, “You know after hearing Maxx's voice I am sure glad Bloodrose didn't try to back out today *giggles playfully* He sounds like one who could sing your socks off AND enforce the 'rules'.” Debi Latte chuckled, “Yeah, plus he had the shotgun, hahaha!” “Well that was what I meant by 'enforce' *giggles* but I like the singing better.” “Yes, it rarely pays to argue with a shotgun.” “Unless you are the one holding it!” “Depends on which end you’re on. (laughter)”

Maxx sang for a while, then it was Debbi Latte’s turn. She sang some of her favorite tunes, including the Mystery sim’s theme song “Queen of Hearts.” During this time, Bloodrose's antics as the "Masked Lover" were discussed, some of the guests not having heard about them. That Blood was able to keep up the act in secret for so long impressed them, as well as how he revealed his secret.

As time went on, people had to get going, having commitments elsewhere or in real life. But taking the time to wish the couple well at first, “It was a beautiful wedidng, congrats Amy and Bloodrose. ... Best wishes in your future.” But the majority were abe to stay until the end of Debi’s singing, “Amy and Bloodrose, may the stars shine eternally on your union, may there be Mystery and Adventure around every corner, and may your love for each other only multiply each day. I will need to take my leave, but was so honored to share in your special day.”

Near the end, Tygeria spoke, “I have done a lot of speaking today, and to some it has been clearer than normal. To Bloodrose and Amy, I raise a glass to the heavens and hope that the fates cherish you as much as I do!” Other guests followed, “Amythe and Blood, Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day! I wish you nothing but the best!”

And so, Mystery’s Royal Wedding was at a close, with the guests departing with happy memories and the new couple heading to their honeymoon suite.

“Thank you ... for helping to make our day so wonderful!”

Source: Queen of Hearts

Bixyl Shuftan

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