Thursday, January 10, 2013

Together for Sway

A few months ago, Sway Dench, one of SL’s most creative and nicest residents, learned that she had a serious medical problem.    Sway owns Swayland, located at SwayLand (157, 168, 21).    She is known for her Cookie Bears and designs that celebrate home, love, family, and friends.
In November, Sway sent her friends and supporters a notecard that told them she had been diagnosed with a brain tumor.   The good news is that there is a high probability that the tumor is benign.   She is scheduled to have surgery in RL on January 28, 2013.   
“Until then,” Sway wrote, “I'm gonna try to be online as often as possible but unfortunately I won't be able to work as much as I used to.”  She also stated that she will be out of SL for a few months after the surgery while she is recovering.   Naturally Sway was concerned about losing Swayland and her design shop during her absence.    When her friends found out about the problem, they got together to create “Together for Sway,” an event designed to help her and her sim.   
In her note Sway stated, “Not only have you been listening to me, giving me strength thereby and encouraging me, you also have thought of something exceptional.... I am overwhelmed and practically speechless about the level of support I have experienced so far.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”
“Together for Sway” was a huge market that was set up at The Nest (214, 57, 2000) during December.  According to the “Together for Sway” blog, over 80 stores and designers participated in the market.  On the first day, 500,000 Lindens were raised!  
 I didn’t make it to the opening day, but I stopped by later in the month.    Every type of item could be bought there:  lots of fancy and casual outfits, jewelry, animations, furniture, buildings, little cat hats, food, games—even a ringing telephone.    There were so many neat items that it was hard to decide what to get.  Many of them were at special prices, too.    By the time the event ended, a total of 1,551,825 Lindens had been raised.
A few days ago, Sway sent her friends and supporters another note and a special gift, a unique Thank-You Cookie Bear.   In her note Sway wrote, “I'd like to thank all of you!  The talented designers who donated time to build lovely and wonderful items...customers for your shopping stamina, bloggers for spreading the word through great pictures and posts, DJs and bands for the fun times and great music.   You have given me a lot more than Lindens.  You gave me a boost, strength, a reason to laugh, a shoulder to cry on, and a huge hug!   Thank you all very much for your help, your support, friendship and love.”
Although the market is gone, donations can still be made on Swayland.    The “Together for Sway” blog plans to provide updates on Sway until she is able to return to SL.   The link is   All of us at SL Newser join in wishing Sway a speedy recovery!

Grey Lupindo

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