Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter Weekend in Second Life

Holiday weekends offer plenty of activities in Second Life, and Easter is no exception. The Relay For Life provided much fun, but that wasn't all. There were egg hunts and festive places one could go to.

For egg hunts, I heard about a few. One took place in Areo Pines Park, their seventh annual Easter event: the "Eggapalooza."

It's EGGAPALOOZA! - Happy Easter from the Aero Pines Park Rangers!  -  The eBunny has hidden over 50 different gifts in eggs around the park. You're offered an Easter basket when you arrive!  Find eggs in the landscaping and public areas. Its more fun and advantageous with friends!  --  Start here: Aero Pines Park (8,3,23)    

 Porting over, I found a free basket, and an egg in an obvious location: a backyard grill. Going about the park's trails, I continued to find more of the eggs, from at the base and up trees, to crazy places such as in outhouses. The eggs themselves contained prizes, from outfits, to mermaid tails, and more. A nice little freebie hunt that took place in a nice realizing nature trail.

Second Life has a number of churches, and no doubt many held special Easter services. One I stopped at, St. Peter's Basilica in the Mediterraneo OC sim, didn't have a church group. In fact, it turned out to be set up as a location for weddings. But still, it was a well done structure.

Going inside, sunbeams shone through the windows onto the altars. There were also stairs up to the bell towers. No hint as to whether or not a hunchback made rounds here.

Then there was Easter Town in the Elizabeth Town sim. I had written about the place before, but went in for a quick look. The place was still the same cartoony and fun-looking place, looking like it did last year. No doubt people were continuing to go there for light hearted Easter fun.

Then there was the egg hunt in Hyde Park in the London area. Unlike Area Pines, they weren't offering a freebie hunt, but a game in which eggs gathered awarded points to participants.

Over the Easter weekend we will be dropping hundreds of eggs all over Hyde Park.  Hunters will will get points simply by either clicking on the eggs they find or stepping on them. The leaderboard will show the top 10 egg hunters so far, and the top egg hunter at the end of the Easter weekend will receive [insert prize here].  Eggs won't be fiendishly hidden;  They will be in plain sight but could be anywhere in the park.  Some eggs may be in a group, some may be alone and some could even be in the lake! The leaderboard will always show the number of eggs remaining to be found in Hyde Park.  If the egg count gets low then we will keep adding more until the end of the Easter weekend.  See if you can keep us on our toes all weekend by finding all the eggs and forcing us add fresh batches! Happy Easter!

There were attractions around besides the egg hunt, such as freebies for newcomers to pick up and fun places to dance on. There was also a spider going around, chasing the avatar who was nearest. In my bunny avatar, I wondered a little if it was out to make me hossenfeffer. But I soon gave it the slip and resumed looking around.

A fun little weekend.

Some of the events will still be around for a few more days. So be sure to check them.

Bixyl Shuftan

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