Friday, April 11, 2014

Don Quixote

By Gemma Cleanslate

I was able to take in the last ballet presentation at Jellybeans Toys and Fashion. The ballet: Don Quixote. 

Guy Wardell, who is the present coordinator, told me the background of the school, "Miss Kaysie Knoller, she wanted to do ballet in Second Life, but found the only way that she could was to start her own ballet school." The LPBA was born and Guy joined as a student and member of the corps de ballet and then finally over many of the duties as coordinator when Miss Kaysie became too busy in real-life. So much work goes into these performances. There were so many participants all doing their parts on stage . The outfits were lovely and the dances marvelous. 

The audience was filled with children who knew many of the performers, and had to hail to them on the stage as they appeared, but for the most part were very well behaved. every seat was filled so some sat on the floor below the stage . There is a lovely program given out giving the story and the performers and the acknowledgments for all involved. You can also pick up a synopsis of the acts and a tip sheet on how to make the performance more enjoyable by lowering the lag. It is a four act play so plan on spending some time if there are technical difficulties.

I am so sorry I missed the first shows or would have reported on the event before it ended so you could get over to see it. I will make sure for the next one I will let you know in time. Guy said, “One thing I must stress Gemma, and it is this: the LPBA is a whole team effort. I just happen to co-ordinate everything. We have a wonderful costume department that makes our costumes for the shows, I have help with sets, and above all we have the most loyal, hardworking, dedicated group of students as without them there would be no LPBA and no shows!”

I am looking forward to the next performance and will put it in the events page for you.

Gemma Cleanslate

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