Thursday, April 24, 2014

Grand Opening of Peace Nation at Creations Park

 By Bixyl Shuftan

On Saturday April 19th, Barbie Alchemi held a Grand Opening event to celebrate her new Peace Nation build at the Creations Park sim. The event lasted from 10AM to 7PM SL time.

"Please join us for a magical day of Live Music, Dance, Laughter and Friendship. This beautiful natural environment is a Native American "sim in the sky" built with love as a Native American "sim in the sky" for Creations Team Fox for the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research."

 People were invited to dress in Native American fashion, as they danced to live music being performed, "Don your ceremonial robes, your feathers, your scales, claws & fur. Bring your drums & rattles! Our Nature Spirits are calling to us.Dance & sing, grounding our energy to the beat of tribal rhythms."  

Barbie's real life mother was also there, "I would like everyone to meet my awesome 87 years young Mom:  Fran Serenade, who is with us today. Everything I do (here) I do it with love for her." She invited people to watch the Youtube of Drax Despress' interview of them (click here).

Among the purposes of the sim and it's events is to collect funds for Parkinsons research, and this event collected quite a bit. At 4:29, Barbie spoke, "I have an exciting announcement! We have raised 45,000 Linden dollars so far today! Let's reach 50,000!"

Barbie invited everyone to explore the place after the party, "I hope everyone takes the time to explore this beautiful natural environment ... built with love. There is a lot to see and enjoy here. We also have an equally beautiful main sim and underwater. So please come back to see it all." One partier quickly agreed, "Barbie has done an amazing job of putting the sim together... well worth exploring."

 Peace Nation is at Creations Park (144/233/1301)

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