Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Scenes From The VWBPE Education Conference

From April 9 to April 12, the annual VWPBE (Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education) conference took place in Second Life. Over four days across six sims, presenters and pannels gave various talks and discussions, and there were also a few exhibits.

 At 1PM SL time on Wednesday April 9, the conference began at the auditorium at the corners of VWBPE Central 1, 2, 3, and 4.

The opening keynote was given by none other than Philip Rosedale, the former Philip Linden.

Gentle Heron doing the chat transcription for Philip.

To see what Philip Rosedale had to say, one can check out reviews made by Daniel Voyager and Inara Pey, or check out the following video made by Mal Burns:

(Click Here if the video fails to load)

On Friday at 1PM, there would be another important speaker: Ebbe Linden.

Ebbe, wearing one of the starter avatars for new residents planned for release in the near future, addressed a packed crowd. He spoke about the Terms of Service issue, and numerous other topics.

 Among those there was Pathfinder Lester, the former Pathfinder Linden

 Jo Yardley and Daniel Voyager was also there (Daniel's owl avatar had a hard time appearing in my viewer that day)

Pete and Xiola Linden were also there.

There's a summary of Ebbe's speech from Daniel Voyager, a review by Jo Yardley, and a full transcript from Inara Pey. There's also video by Mal Burns:

(Click here if the video fails to load)

Following Ebbe's speech, and the crowd leaving, I met up briefly with Draxtor Despress.

I also met  up with Nigma Sterling whom help organize things for the conference.

The following day, Saturday April 12 from about 9AM to 11 AM SL time, there was the "Connecting the Past, Present, and Future" discussion, with Botgirl Questi, Will Burns/Aeonix Aeon, Jerry Beaubois/Tab Scott, and Kevin Freenan/ Phelan Corrimal made up the panel on stage.

 With a little time on my hands, finally, I went about exploring the location.

I came across a few exhibits, such as this one.

This volcano exhibit was certainly "what's cooking."

 I came across a discussion mixed with a tour of some exhibits, "The Programer and the Nurse."

 There were several simulated paitents set up, for visitors to practice on.

Finally came the Closing Ceremony at 6PM SL time.

Among those speaking were Pooky Amsterdam, and Dirk McKenan. Pooky delivered the closing line, "Goodnight Mr Rosedale, whereever you are."

 Following the last speaking event was the Closing Party, with Selene Jashan playing the music.

At one point however, about half us were flying up in the air and away, one girl screaming, "Hellllpppp!!! I am being attacked psychedelicness!"

 But we made our way back and the party resumed. This time with Greenlantern Excelsior around.

It was a fun end for the Virtual World Best Practices in Education conference after all.

Some pictures from Gemma Cleanslate

Bixyl Shuftan

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  1. I was working security for the conference with my group, The Green Lanterns. Nigma Sterling was the head of security. The main auditorium was set up at the "four corners" point of four sims. Guest seating was available in three of the sims, and the fourth sim was reserved for the presenters - without a special Security or Presenter or other group tag, a convention attendee couldn't enter that sim. Instead of giving his speech from behind the podium in the "safe" sim, Ebbe crossed the border into one of the attendee sims and stood there in the sand. I admired him for it, whether it was done on purpose or not.

    When his speech was over, Ebbe walked back into the "safe" sim and stood there with a couple of the organizers while people filed out of the auditorium. Some of the remaining attendees maneuvered themselves into position so they could get a picture of themselves with Ebbe in the background. He saw what was happening and came out to stand with the group so they could get close-up pictures. He stood there chatting with us for 15-20 minutes until his voice chat failed, and then he had to leave.

    I was ready for and expecting the griefers to start spamming obscenities in local chat or voice chat, but apparently they were as interested in what he had to say as the rest of us were. The conference was very interesting, but for me, the high point was Ebbe's speech. It filled me with hope for the future of Second Life.