Thursday, October 23, 2014

Scenes From The Burn

On Saturday October 18, the grounds of the Burn2 art and music festival opened to the public in Second Life. After weeks of work, the Burners were officially starting the show, and promised quite a bit to see.

Arriving in Burning Man- Deep Hole, the greeter gave me a friendly hello, "Welcome home." He asked me to contact him, or any of the staff, if I had any questions.

Almost right away, I saw examples of their vehicles made for artistic expression as much as a way to get around a little faster (flight is disabled here for most), made by their DMV - Department of Mutant Vehicles.

There was some information available for those curious about joining the Burners.

 I also got a package of goodies from one of the staff near the entrance.

There was also a guest book to sign.

Further away from the entrance was a balloon ride.

The balloons seat up to four, and offer a way to casually look around the exhibits from above. That's Tigerlily Windstorm next to me.

 Panning around, we could see exhibits closer up, such as this "duck pond" with inflatable ducky tubes.

 Some exhibits were meant to be better seen at Midnight view.

 A couple of the sims had events were crowded due to events, and once the balloon entered there, objects became slower to rezz.

And eventually a glitch caused the balloon to momentarily vanish.

 When we recovered, we found we'd fallen off the balloon. I saw it overhead and hopped back on.

 Flying machines that sorry to say will never take flight here.

 This mutant vehicle must be a favorite for pirates.

 Tigerlily was eventually able to catch up to the balloon and resume to tour as well.

 That rock in the corner got our attention. Panning to get a closeup of a sign, apparently there's a maze inside where one can make their way to the "Hidden Temple of Ra."

 A music performance, thankfully for me on the other side of a sim boundary.

The Burn2 Temple, of which it's burning is the last official event of the festival.

And here's "The Man," the symbol of both Burn2 and the real-life Burning Man festival. It's burned the day before the Temple.

 Eventually another glitch knocked us off the balloon, and by the time we recovered it was gone. I was soon joined by a pony friend, and encountered another one of the Burners, Timothy S. McTaggart (tsmt01).

Another balloon with riders flew overhead as we chatted.

We ran into a couple of particuarly colorful Rangers, Discord (Temba), and Zalkameriu Ichtama.

 Another picture with Zalkameriu, showing more of what she was wearing.

 No end to the unusual varieties of mutant vehicles.

 "Don't pull the rope!" "BUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRPP!!!"

 The Bedouin, a tent with a number of artwork of Arabian horses.

Happened to run into Avariel Falcon, the black unicorn from the Relay, while there.

 Of the mutant vehicles, this has *got* to be the oddest ... or is it?

 There was no end to the funny toilets around. In virtual reality, they're good only for chuckles.

I stuck around the Burn2 grounds for a while. But it would soon be time to go.

Stay tuned for more about the Burn2 festival, including the Temple Burn and the Burning of the Man.

Bixyl Shuftan

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