Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Burning of the Man 2014

Last Saturday October 25th, the most noted event of the Burn2 festival, the Burning of the Man, took place. The real life event the festival is based on, Burning Man, draws it's roots from the burning of a nine foot wooden man in 1986 in a "radical act of self expression." And the high point of every Burning Man festival involves a huge wooden effigy, most of the most recent ones over a hundred feet high.

Second Life's Burn2 has it's own build of "The Man." Unlike the real life festival, there were two times The Man was burned. 12 Noon Second Life time was the "European" burn, and 8PM SL time, the "American" burn. Despite the labels, some Americans preferred the earlier time.

On my viewer, The Man wasn't completely rezed when looking at it from a distance. Still, it made for an impressive show. And at Noon SL time, it began with several spots on the tall effigy turning alight.

Before long, the head disintegrated, the wood burned up.

And soon after, the body began to fall apart as the support structures were weakened. Note the numbers of people on the minimap.

Marriane McCann and Pygar Bu, the ones who set off the fire stand by as The Man burns.

It wasn't long before the arms were gone, save for the main beams.

Among those there was Torley, or rather his alt was, done up in watermelon pink and green..

Soon the torso collapsed, leaving only the legs.

 Pieces were starting to fall some distance away, one landing just feet from me.

With the collapse of the last of the structure about to happen, the Burners are invited to dance in the fire.

Kenny Luckless, a Second Life "Oldbie" was also there.

The Man is down, and the Burners dance among the flames.

Marriane was among those doing the Burner dance.

What's left of "The Man" seen in daylight, with a club nearby. I would find that a piece of burnt wood had made it to the dance floor.

(Click here if the video fails to play)

A "Neo Geo" had filmed the event and put it on Youtube.

And so, another burning of The Man had taken place. The following day would be the Temple Burn, and the end of the festival.

Bixyl Shuftan

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