Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fall Fishing Festival

 I took a peek at the Fall Fishing Festival area to see how it was coming along. 7Seas Fishing hosts get together for builders and fishers. In case you have not tried fishing in Second Life it is a great sport. There are loads of wonderful fish to catch, and many land owners or renters hold contests daily with even more custom catches to enjoy. 

At the FFF, the creators put up little islands and and fill the waters with delightful customs for catching. Then beginning as soon as people can get into the regions two next to each other, they park themselves in a area where catches come from all around. Some fishers bring boats or flying wearables and hover in the air. Some pick a nice island and sit around and talk while they fish. A few park themselves under water and go out to work or shopping in real life. It is inventory overflow time!!! I still have a few things from the fishing in the spring that I have not looked at yet. It is such fun and the customs are admired by all. 

Even though you may never have fished in Second Life, it is worth a trip out to the sims just to see the cute builds that will be there for the weekend. The festival will be open from Friday November 14 through Sunday the 16th. However if you can’t make it for exploring, the sims usually stay open through at least Monday and perhaps Tuesday in case you can’t make it over the weekend.

I saw a couple of builds that are almost finished and have the photos here for you. I will take pictures of some of the quaint fishers and prizes over the weekend and post them next week. Land on Grey Nacht’s island and take a tour from there.  

Use the map and type Iridium :  Iridium (46,86,22)

Gemma Cleanslate

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