Thursday, March 12, 2015

"The Little Prince"

By Gemma Cleanslate

I have been trying for over a  month to get to see the play,   The Little  Prince, in Second Life. Finally I did make it over to Paris Eiffel where there was a performance in French . In the midst of all the madness of the Relay for Life opening I took an hour to sit and enjoy a marvelous show. The Producer Xavier Thiebaud attended with his wife RAFTwet Jewell , both old friends of mine.  The director of the show is Andy Loon who also plays the Prince. Andy also created all the settings which are amazing. It was fitting to view it in the French language since it is based on a story by  d'Antoine de Saint Exupéry. If you are not familiar with the story  you can read a summary at

The sl setting is enchanting , little planets fill the stage which is the starlit sky. The prince meets the narrator in the Sahara desert where he recounts his adventures on all the planets and the strange people he met on each. Though written seemingly as a children’s story it is not. The visits to the planets are filled with metaphors of life. DameLessage Igaly greeted everyone as we entered and gave us warning of the beginning of the play. The audience is requested to wear low script attire and I can see why. The Little Prince and other actors must contend with many changes and movements during the play.  

The entire play takes a little over an hour and I will definitely go to see it again in the English version . It will be performed several more times over the next months. The audience was most appreciative of each act and expressed themselves in much applause and exclamations over the scenes as they passed. I look forward to seeing it again. The A List group owned by Xavier and Raftwet send out notices when the Play is showing.  You can contact Xavier for membership. I hope you will get a chance to experience it. You will love it! 

Gemma Cleanslate 

Editor's Note: After Gemma wrote this article, it was announced that the next performance would be on March 15 at 2PM SL time at Oceanea (63/104/30). Formal dress is required.

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