Friday, June 24, 2016

Lindens at the Cake Stage

By Bixyl Shuftan

There's been a lot going on at the Second Life Birthday celebrations, and so little time to write it. One of the more interesting events was when a number of Lindens dropped by at a costume party on Monday June 20. Officially, it was called "The Roleplay Mashup Meetup." But to most of us, it was simply Lindens at the Cake Stage.

My part in the event started about five minutes beforehand, when I dropped by the Cake Stage at 9:55 AM SL time just after logging in. "Hi Bixyl welcome to the cake stage!" Grease Coakes, whom had recently come back to the Newser to do an advertorial, told me as he was DJing there. I had gotten a message from him which I had read that he had filled in an empty slot at 10AM. As it turned out, Grease had started at 9AM, and his set was set to end at 10AM. Instead of early, I'd been late to his impromptu performance.

Among others there were Mikati Slade, the builder of the Cake Stage. She complemented Grease on his DJing. One lady would tell her, "I have to say...this stage definitely takes the cake."

A few of my neighbors were also there: Skylark Lefavre, the manager of the Happy Vixen beach club in Purrfection, Felina Fermi, and Tigerclaw Apps. Daniel Voyager, who does a popular Second Life blog, also came in, though for what was about to happen next.

We soon saw a certain visitor, in a mesh "TV head" avatar. "Welcome Governance Linden! Its so nice to see you!"

Then there was the popular Xiola Linden, whom is often seen at events when residents meet up with Lindens

Then came April and Alexa Linden, "This place is crawling with Lindens, yay!"

And there was Whitney Linden.

Derrick Linden flew in from above as a small dragon.

"There are Lindens here I've never seen before." "Linden Time!!! Linden Time!!! OMG It's Linden Time!!!"

Natty Linden, dancing in bare feet.

Besides the Lindens, there were a number of other avatars around.

"OMG a MONKEY of Sunflower!" "Ok! STOP monkeying around!" "Ok! waht is all this MONKEY business?"

Loki Elliot, a noted builder, was there as a chimney sweep. "Anyone got a chimney they need cleaning?"

Jo Yardley, the owner of the 1920s Berlin area, as well as a blogger and one of the interviewers at the "Meet the Lindens" events was there. "No setting people on fire, health & safety wont allow it," she told someone. When someone else told her, " Well Jo, if you use an older laptop at the Cake Stage , you might be," she answered, "Hahaha I'm on a 2015 Macbook! ... If only apple would make a gamers laptop, we wouldn't have to buy other computers on the side."

"Hahaha! Xiola you need more to live for! I'm not that good a dancer. I dance the Charleston to everything, seems to work, most of the time." Of the costume contest, "I've come dressed as a 1920s grumpy old drunk smoking barmaid from Berlin." When people rasberried her self-put-down, she responded, "Yes! I am not a a 1920s grumpy old drunk smoking barmaid from Berlin in real-life! In real-life I'm a 1930s grumpy old drunk smoking barmaid from Amsterdam. I was thinking of wearing my Brunhilde Shieldmaiden outfit, but then I'd be roleplaying a 1920s barmaid going to a 1920s costume party and it would take 24 hours to get into that corset."

When the DJ started playing "We're Not Gonna Take It," Jo commented, "This song is asking for a riot. ... We should have all brought a head banging animation gesture."

She ended up dancing with Loki, "Loki i have a city full of chimneys that need cleaning." Loki Mused, "Linden Lab has a lot of brick in their factory, perhaps they have a chimney." Jo countered, "Just go door to door and make yourself useful." "I actually have a theory that Ex Lindens have a great fear of exposed Brick." "Poor Linden Lab, can't afford wallpaper (grin)."

Their talk went on, Jo asking, "Loki did you have a birly wurly? or whatever that portable organ thingy is called?" A nearby vixen in a pilot's uniform asked, "Hudgy-gurdy, Jo?" "THAT is the word, ja! I want a hurdy-gurdy." Loki commented, "I will repay you by cleaning any chimneys you may have." Jo commented, "Skylar is a great chimney cleaner as well. He only fell off the roof a few times. He's a great chap. He now has two secret headquarters in Berlin."

"One day I'll come to your dance Loki, but I'll need to find someone to take over my shift at the bar."

"Foxes can dance wherever they damn well please!"

The winner of the contest was Deshar Au, whom won 5000 Lindens. "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for attending the roleplay mashup meetup!"

Madori Linden, whom was presumably busy with some duties elsewhere, was late for the dance and couldn't make it. She would later contact me, saying she was interested in the history of Second Life before her signing up with Linden Lab, and was happy to see records of it such as in the Second Life Newser archives.

And so, the Linden-filled costume party event came to a close. There would be much more going on at the Second Life Thirteenth Birthday celebrations, but this was the biggest interaction between the residents and Lindens.

Bixyl Shuftan

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