Friday, June 3, 2016

SL13B Preparations Under Way

By Gemma Cleanslate

It is hard to believe that another Second Life Birthday is so near. Preparations have been underway for most of that year for the Leads, Doc Gascoigne, Diana Renoir, Marianne McCann and many coordinators. There is so much work that goes into the event behind the scenes that no one knows about. The applications for builders, art parcels, volunteers, performers went out about a month ago. Letters of acceptance have been sent to builders and now they are here in the regions putting up the most amazing installations.
As an Exhibit Assistant, called a Vanguard this year I went through the hours of training to be ready. We register the applicants and get them all the messages they need to do their work and settle them where they belong. All of them are thrilled to be here.
 The usual builders who never lose their enthusiasm and especially the first timers who are in awe at first. It is great fun to move around the regions and look at what is happening so quickly! From mowing the flat grasses and sweeping the roadways we find the parcels filling up with such creativity. I love to see the parcel holders that some out down to claim their parcels. 

 The opening is not that far away, June 19 so all must be in place well before that day. 

Holocluck Henly leaves his place holder 

Pygar Bu likes to decorate his canals in his region.
When my current job is done I will then move to the Greeters section. We will assist any visitors to find gifts and certain parcels and especially the Stages and Auditorium where there will be a myriad of events taking place for the whole event.   

  I invite you to check out the Teaser videos on the website and check keep an eye on  information that is there. You can find out who is doing all the work and see the schedule when it is up. You can also check out pictures from past years events . Be prepared to be amazed!!

Gemma Cleanslate 

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