Friday, August 5, 2016

Scenes From the Sunbeamers' Road Rally

By Bixyl Shuftan

Saturday July 30 was the day of the last event of Team Sumbeamer, the Relay for Life team representing the Sunweaver/Angel community, this season.: the Third Annual "Road Rally." Taking place on the northern most sim of the estate, Pacific Waters, owned by Cynthia Farshore, the racing would take place on a track around the island.

 While the place always has a track on it, recently modified so there's an underwater tunnel on one side, it was modified slightly with a couple loops and a few barriers in places. Cynthia had the help of Shockwave Yareach with the track modifications, as well as the starting/finish line.

Cynthia had a few planes on display, but the big attraction was the cars and motorbikes.

There were three categories in which people could race: Cars


And "What is that?"

The big challenge, if people had issues with lag, they could end up getting a bath.

And sometimes, they did.

 Lag could also send a vehicle into the air.


 In a couple places around the track were parodies of advertisements. presumably set up by Shockwave, whose "pun-fu" rivals a certain fox reporter's.

Don't tell Dusk Griswold about this one.

Shockwave considered this as the starting and finish line/marker.

 Sora Kraditzio (jamestkirk2323) had a few cars out, though seemed to do the best with her "Back to the Future" DeLorean.

Cynthia had her own motorbike, but wouldn't count her time in the competition.

 Rita Mariner, the Sunbeamer team captain, had out her own bike

Unfortunately, the bike had some trouble getting in to second gear.

Besides the racing, there was excitement among the Sunbeamers, and others in the Relay, about the team getting close to Platinum level in fundraising. Some came by just to donate a some cash. The event would raise about 10,000 Lindens, not including the 12,000 Cynthia herself would contribute (picture to the left by Cynthia). Rita Mariner, Dusk Griswold, and Oriana Sun would also contribute sizable amounts (Oriana's was 15,500), and Platinum rank was reached that night.

At 4PM, the racing was over, and Cynthia had the following results for fastest racers:

Lady Sora Kraditzio (jamestkirk2323): 60.762190 seconds!

Bixyl Shuftan:  l73.104000 seconds!
 What is that?
TS (ts.darrow) TS Darrow: 79.463990 seconds!

It was a fun conclusion to the Sunbeamer Relay season.

Bixyl Shuftan

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