Monday, October 3, 2016

The Furry Fashion Halloween Hunt for 2016

By Bixyl Shuftan

Like may of her customers, Amethyst Crystal, the owner of Furry Fashion, has a great love for Halloween. So for weeks she and her staff have been working on a special Halloween area: The 2016 Furry Fashion Halloween Hunt: The Drageth School of Magic."

"Our take on our own version of a magic school," Amethyst called the place, "I'm a big fan of fantasy and magic. I have the Harry Potter books on audio, I listen to (them) quite often."

Just the look of the place is enough to bring people, the overall spookiness, the erie-looking woods, the creepy creatures, the tentacled horrors, the tombstones, "R.I.P Skyler Glasswing: Lost in Teleport," and the haunted castle where the School of Magic is. The castle has numerous hallways, passages, and rooms. And you never really can know what's behind those spooky-looking doors until you open them.

But of course there's more. This being Furry Fashion, there's a number of stalls and vendors offering a variety of outfits and avatars. There's witch, convict, bat, spider, and more.  The majority are fitting for a Halloween event.  There are also textures for modders and builders.

And of course there is the hunt. Placed throughout the area are thirty magic books. Each contains a prize, such as shorts, dresses, jewelry, and more. To give those looking around an idea what to look for, there's a sample spellbook on the fireplace next to the arrival point. While they have the same shape, they do come in different colors and some are better hidden than others. They are both in and outside the castle.

Besides the Halloween area, Furry Fashion still has it's everyday avatars and outfits at ground level, as well as the Furry Fashion Lounge which has events every day except most Mondays. No doubt many of these parties will give shoppers a chance to wear their outfits before and after Halloween.

As for next year, "I've already got staff giving me suggestions to what to do for next year," Amethyst told me, "One of the staff is obsessed with skeletons so wants a undead ballroom. She loves anything to do with skeletons, bone mods,dancing skeletons, etc. Another suggested Alice in Wonderland."

To get to the Halloween area, those at ground level at Furry Fashion can teleport up there via a fireplace, "on the ground level of the sim between FF Main store and the Gacha Resell Shop. ... people can click the flames and it turns into a teleporter." Furry Fashion is also taking part in the "Quest Fur Cover" shopping hunt, so it's hunters will also receive the landmark to it. Or one can just head to Furry (198/167/2480).

Bixyl Shuftan

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