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Scenes From The "Bid The Lindens Bald" Party

By Bixyl Shuftan

On Wednesday, April 19, 2017, the conclusion to the "Bid the Lindens Bald" occurred at 2PM SL time. On March 29, was when the event was announced with twenty-eight Lindens taking part. This would be the first time any Linden had taken part in a "Bid Me Bald" event, let alone so many.

The Lindens involved were split into three teams, Customer Accounts, Concierge, and Land Ops/LDPW. A few, such as Boris Linden, seemed to have gotten unusually hairy for the event. Nuala Maracas commented, "Oh my God! It will take an hour cut Boris's hair." Even Tommy Linden remarked, "Wow Boris, that hair! You need this shave! (laughter)"

Donations were small at first, even though on occasion Lindens could be found at the kiosk area at impromptu parties. and as one can see in the picture above, they weren't above a little funnery. In the last days of the event, thousands of Linden dollars were pouring in.

People began gathering at the area at 1PM SL time. By 2PM, there were a few dozen in the area.

A look at the minimap showed twelve to thirteen Lindens, identifiable by their blue dots.

Besides the Lindens, there were a variety of other avatars at the event.

Including some small ones.

"Resistance is futile."

When the three kiosks that the Linden dollars were donated to were closed, Customer Accounts had a total of 719,182 Lindens.

The Concierge team had gotten a total of 352,485.

And last but not least, Land Ops/Linden Department of Public Works, which had gotten 399,735 Linden dollars. A total of 1,471,402, almost a million and a half Linden dollars had been raised. Trader Whiplash told everyone he was throwing away his calculator, "it's smoking and sparking anyway!"

The ten members of Concierge had come out third place, and thus due to lose their virtual hair. Nuala Maracas told everyone she "brought a case of Turtle Wax  .. I mean head wax .. to polish all those heads." Ami Linden guessed, "Apparently I'm not good at math.. it's 295 days bald (gasp). So that means Thursday, April 8th, 2018 we'll start to see some hairs on the Concierge team again." Tommy Linden remarked, "That is a good long time!" Someone remarked, "That is awesome, almost a whole year (laughter)."

Trader Whiplash of T-1 Radio, and the organizer of the Bid Me Bald event was there.

Solo Linden, to my left in this picture, went Away From Keyboard.

A number of other Lindens, and Moles, dropped by to watch the event.

Governor Linden, who sported a hamster avatar, was the one with the shears for the haircuts. One person asked, "(I) wonder how a hamster is going to cut hair?" "With scissors of course," Trader answered. Someone remarked, "Fangs of Gov. They dangerous." "Governor Linden has the most evil and ferocious looking avatar here," someone else commented. A third commented, "I can't help but wonder what would happen if Governor was actually on the concierge team." Sue Peregrine mused, "If you are all teams, doesn't that mean you have to go bald Governor?"

Whitney Linden was the first to get the haircut, followed by Boris. "For this one you may want to use the katana Governor," someone suggested. Ami Linden asked, "Are those scissors gonna be enough?" But away went his ginormous afro.

Next was Madori Linden, who was sporting a colorful haircut, "Wow what a mowhawk!"

Next was Vix Linden. Despite the name, this Linden's appearance was un-xivenlike. Ami grinned, "Vix! Ready for the barber?" "Hi," he nervously spoke, "I'm here for the victory parade?"Tommy Linden went, "Oh yeah Vix, we got a special victory lined up for you!" Ami Linden asked gleefully, "Who here thinks the beard must go? (big grin)" "The beard must go!" someone answered. "The beard is like 70% of it," concurred another.

And the deed was done. "And there goes the hair!" Ami Linden announced, then mused, Right? Less hair to maintain (big grin). ... Look, now you can go swimming with ease! And you won't feel too warm with summer on its way (grin). ...Who's next? (big grin)"

Bianca Linden was dancing to the music, not worried about losing her hair, or was she? Dee Linden commented "I've been pullin' my hair out for over an hour now! ,,, Wait."

Jadia Linden, not being on any of the teams, was not required to take part in the haircuts, but did so anyway as a shot of support. "Where is this great haircut I'm supposed to be getting?" she asked, and was shown the barber chair, Governor Linden saying, "Have a seat, Jaida (smile)." Tommy Linden encouraged, "Go Jaida! Best haircut you will ever get." Governor Linden asked, "Are you ready?  Do you need something to bite down on?" Jaida Linden answered, "I guess I'm ready, just snatch it out." Jaida Linden then cried out, "Nooooooooooo!"

Once the deed was done, Tommy Linden told her, "Look at you Jaida! You look fantastic!" Governor Linden commented, "Gorgeous!" Vix Linden went, "It's not so bad Jaida," then ran back a distance. Jaida Linden commented, "I guess, laughing one moment, then wondering if she should run home to cry the next. Ami Linden gave her a hug. Sue Peregrine, "You look great Jaida!" Trader commented, "Jaida looks good bald! ... Makes your eyes stand out!" Jaida Linden then left, "Take care, I have to find a hat (giggle)."

"Anyone else?" Governor Linden asked, "You don't have to have been on the losing team." Tommy Linden asked, "Are you trying to convince the rest of us to shave ours too Governor? (laughter)" Sue Peregrine responded, "I think that's a GREAT idea Tommy!" Governor Linden answered, "just saying anyone here can if they wish (smile)." Tommy Linden went for it, "Alright Governor, I will let you shave me, so I can show my support!" Governor Linden commented, "I feel like I need a stepstool to stand on here. ... Ready Tommy?" "It's not like you got much anyway," one resident encouraged.

And soon the deed was done. Trader thanked him, "Tommy, thank you so much!  You put in such an effort!" Tommy Linden answered, "It's the least I can do, at least I have the choice to grow it back!" Trader commented, "Just think you all will get your hair back intime for NEXT Baseball season!"

Then Dee Linden hopped onto the chair. Sue Peregrine encouraged her, "Woot!!! Dee!!" So did Tommy Linden, "Yay Dee!" Governor Linden asked, "Ready Dee?" "Ready!" Dee Linden answered. Then came the .

And Dee Linden joined the shaved heads. Whitney Linden went, "Woot!" "So purty!!" told Ami Linden.

Keira Linden while watching all this had been knitting. Tommy Linden thought it was funny, "Keira, I love that you are knitting while all this is happening, (laughter)."

She decided to volunteer as well. Sue Peregrine went, "Yay Keira!" Governor Linden asked, "ready Keira?" "Ready!" she answered. 

With Keira Linden joining them, there were quite a number of bald heads. "I better get to knitting hats!" she commented. Dee Linden asked, "can you knit me some hair?" Sue Peregrine smiled, "That's what knitters do ." Keira Linden answered, "Right after I knit my own, Dee."

Trader encouraged the group, "I have been bald for a year .. twice! ...  saves time in the morning ! lol  comb with a washcloth! ... No blow dryers!" Dee Linden was keeping a brave face, "fyi, my hair grows really fast." Tommy Linden laughed, "Dee, you using 'Miracle Grow'?" Keira Linden mused, "One less accessory I get  to shop for.  Sorry hair designers!" Sue Peregrine laughed, "but good for your wallet." Tommy Linden mused, "And here I thought this meant more shopping as we try out new styles when it grows in! (laughter).

Sparky Linden headed out about this time, "Later everyone!!! Thanks for all the love and donations for such a great cause!" He then proceeded to perform a move that reminded me of a "Dragonball Z" powerup. Trader wished him well, "Thank you Sparky!!!" Sue Peregrine did too, "Thank you for being here Sparky!"

While some were starting to leave, some such as ZenGardens Resident were joking around, he turning into a tree. That sparked a few jokes and puns, "feeling 'tree'mendous?" "I guess you 'leaf' no one behind?" "Or is your 'bark' worse than your bite?" ZenGardens Resident responded, "Oh boy ... I wood participate in these puns but then I may be asked to leaf."

While there was quite a bit of joking around, there was one stunt that one Relayer didn't think was so funny and requested I post as an example of what not to do at a Relay event: smoking. Smoking, whether it's tobacco or marijuana, can lead to cancer and people are asked to stop.

Before long, more people were leaving. Ancient Mole waved, "Bye everyone! Thank you for that wonderful event!" One resident hoped, "Hopefully this becomes an annual event so we can say this is the first annual shearing." Trader told everyone there would be another event at the location soon, "Don't Forget Relay Stock 2017 Right here Mothers Day Weekend    Fri- Sat - Sun   Featuring Keeba Tammas and the Tiny Maniacs!"

Nuala Maracas told everyone, "Thank you for your generosity to support the American Cancer Society !  You have  helped fund part of a Research Grant !!      Thank you to all the Lindens for their time and great sense of humour"

And so, the "Bid the Lindens Bald" event was over. It's unknown whether or not there will be another such event next year. But it is hoped this is not the end of Linden participation in the Relay for Life.

Bixyl Shuftan

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