Monday, November 12, 2018

CDS Election Campaigning: Drewski Northman

By Bixyl Shuftan

Different communities have different ways of how things are run. For the Confederation of Democratic Simulators, the community has elections twice a year in which local citizens (those who own land in the community) chose who will be in the Representative Assembly and who will be their leader: the Chancellor. This election, two people are running for Chancellor. They are Drewski Northman, and 恭子 Kyoko (Samara Barzane).

Sunday November 11 saw two events in which both candidates had a chance to explain themselves to the voters. At 11 AM, Drewski Northman at the Sanctum Sanctorum in Colonia Nova.

For those of you that could not attend today, I will be hosting another event at the Sanctum in Colonia Nova tomorrow at 11AM. Come to my home in the CDS, the Sanctum Sanctorum for a campaign speech and meet and greet. I'll be speaking on building the community, and my plans for outreach. There'll be a short Q/A to follow. Then we can all walk down to the amphitheater to enjoy the Autumn Dances event!

Drewski greeted those dropping in, "Thank you for coming to my first "formal" campaign rally! This building is near and dear to me, as it's been my home in the CDS for over 2 years. Before I say a few words, I'd like to take a moment of silence to commemorate today's 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1. Without the sacrifice of those brave men all those years ago, we would not have a free Europe or America today, or the ability to enjoy this SL world."

Drewski told everyone there would be a transcript made of the event, then, "Now, I'd like to say a few words before opening up to questions and discussion... I've been a citizen of the CDS for just over two years now, so happy to call it home. It was a safe harbor after leaving the turmoil of another community shutting down. That alone would be enough for me to want to give back to this community by serving. But, there's been so much more since then. It's been a place where I could express myself with this Sanctum Sanctorum. Some of my finest friends in all of my Second Life are here (and sitting in the room today), and I love participating in the civics and democracy. And now, I have the privilege of running for chancellor. I do not take that lightly. It's an honor to have the opportunity, and I hope that I can help this community enter a bright future of prosperity, unity...and fun! That is the whole essence of my campaign, 'A New Dawn.'

"Today, I just want to briefly discuss some plans for my first priority: building the community. I believe we can accomplish that in a two-pronged way: outreach and unity. With outreach, I believe there's more to it than just filling vacant plots of land or houses in NFS. We have to sell the ideals of this community, sell the dream. We already have ads playing on Radio Riel. I would continue that practice, and go even farther in promotional efforts. There is also a group that is for advertising events all through the steamlands, called 'Aether Chrononauts.' As far as I know, we do not currently advertise there. I'd seek to put our group's events and activites there. I would also seek to revitalize some events that have gone by the wayside. I've already heard of holiday decorating contests, parades, festivals that have for one reason or another fallen by the wayside. I think those are fantastic draws to our community that prove we are active and fun.

"Also, something that was mentioned to me this last week that really struck me. If elected, I would seek to form an official welcoming committee to engage with new citizens. A resident told me last week that she has been here since June, and has not really been welcomed yet. We should be the most welcoming and inclusive community on the grid. And to piggyback on that idea. I would also seek to set up a monthly "New Citizen Mingle" where community members new and old, and our valued friends can casually get together, meet, and strengthen those community bonds.

"Which brings me to my second prong of building our community: unity. It's no secret that our community has a....rocky reputation in the greater world. Sadly, we have had some issues that have made good, involved, solid citizens pack up and leave. And I believe those events have also caused good, solid, potentially involved people to steer clear of us as well.'s a new day in the CDS, and I propose we need to come together as a community, heal, and move past the drama and contention of the past. I can't change attitudes alone, but I believe that a determined effort of an administration and community can change the attitude and direction that community heads. I think its high time we as a community would take a stand against the childish, dramatic things that have happened in the past, and commit that we aren't going to tolerate those attitudes going forward. That is my pledge if you will allow me to serve as chancellor. I believe that our best days lie ahead. I know I have dreams of seeing this place full of people, seeing folks involved in our democracy, and seeing all of us come together as a tight-knit community focused on enjoying this world together. That is my plan to build our community."

Drewski then offered to take questions, "We have about a half hour or so before the next event, so I'll open the floor for questions, comments, discussion, ideas." Tanoujin Milestone was the first to do so, "First of all I want to thank you for running, this makes this a true election with a real choice, and that is much needed. Thank you Drew for standing! ... Another thing I would like to mention: what ever happens, I like the idea of reviving a welcome committee and I am looking forward to the results you may have with this  no matter if you become the first or the second winner of this election. You will have surely my support with the welcome committee. Thank you, (I'm) done." Drewski responded, "Thank you! I do hope it's something we can work together on reviving, no matter what. Folks need to feel welcomed and involved."

Lyubov (20180414 Resident) was next with two questions, "This room today is full of people who have proven their dedication to CDS.  Most of the 29th RA is sitting here as well as the most recent Dean. If elected, your first term would be a fast six months. First, what, specifically, would you like to focus on?  What one thing, if accomplished, would you define as success? Second, what time committment would you ask of us, members of various committees, to contribute on a monthly/weekly/daily basis?  How much time do you expect the job of Chancellor to require?  What would you ask of all CDS citizens? (I'm) done."

Drewski responded, "Great questions! First, my priority is growing and strengthening our community. The things I discussed today are priority number one for me. I may be imagining, but it seems like the CDS has fallen into a bit of a rut. I'd aim to help us out of it. I would call success seeing these sims full of green (or better yet...yellow) dots, people just 'being' here, using the facilities to enjoy their SL." Lyubov smiled, "It would be nice to not be alone here 90% of the time." Answering the second question, Drewski spoke, "And, as for time commitments, I'd say this. I don't really know the best answer for each individual. I would hope that (real life) comes first for everyone here, but that all those that choose to serve will do their very best to fulfill their duties. If that means 3, 4, 5, 10 all depends. All I ask for is folks do their best. That is my commitment, and I can't ask any more of anyone else."

Lyubov. asked, "What about you personally? Is this an hour a week, hour a day job?  I don't know..." Drewski answered, "Me personally? I plan to do whatever it takes to accomplish my goals for the community, holding regular office hours, meeting with the RA, networking with other community leaders to cross promote our community... I'll be working hard." Lyubov told him, "Thank you.  done (again)."

Tanoujin then asked, "May I ask who will be on your team, as the PIO for example?" Drewski answered, "If I win, I would ask Kyoko to stay on as PIO if she wanted. I think she is doing a great job, and has brought some unique events to the CDS this year. Also, Lyu and I have had many conversations about outreach, getting folks excited, and building the community. I know she would be a great addition to our team as well."

Lyubov smiled, "I would love to help in any way that I can, thank you." Drewski went on, "Yeah, its funny. We've been chatting about these things for a couple months now, long before I even thought of running for chancellor. I think folks have a real hunger to see this place grow and shine."

Drewski checked the clock, "We've got about 10 minutes left. Time for 2-3 more questions if you have 'em." Tanoujin asked, "Hm, I am wondering what measures you would take against drama.... I hope you would stick to the road of de-escalation instead of excluding?" The candidate answered, "I think there's a few steps the Chancellor can take. For one, I would pledge to deal with any issues privately first, one on one. Yes, I agree on the principle of de-escalation and just...talking. We can't shoot first and ask questions later. Though, its not something you can really legislate against. I think that if the attitude of the majority in the community is 'we ain't got time for that,' the drama llamas will catch on real quick and find someplace else to cause trouble. But if trouble arises, I believe the best policy is to deal with it quickly and quietly, less attention the better."

Lyubov then asked, "In your experience as Community Manager for the East River Community, what was the most important thing you learned?  What was your biggest mistake?  Done." Drewski answered, "The most important thing I learned is you cannot do things alone. We had so many opportunities there to make the place thrive. I was regularly running events and bringing in new residents. We even were featured on Designing Worlds. But a year or so later, the place was in danger of shutting down, because the main land owner was pulling out. That was after she put a wet blanket on many attempts to do things to draw people in. takes a committed group to make a difference." Lady Kiki Whatever (InekeB Resident) wondered, "East River Community? Never heard of it?" Drewski answered, "I's a mainland community centered in the Helvellyn sim. It's made a bit of a comeback this year."

Drewski went on, "And, my biggest mistake would probably be my efforts near the end, before having to leave. I pushed hard to find new investors in the land, and for current land owners to take up more. But, it probably was not my place to go that far at the time. I was just one guy. And that really goes back to the biggest lesson. You can't go it alone."

The candidate then noticed the time, "Yes, its 5 till! We have plenty of time to make our way down to the amphitheater and enjoy the show. Thank you all for coming today, for listening, asking fantastic questions, and for your thoughts. Now lets get to the show. And if you haven't sure to vote!" Lilith Ivory smiled, "Thank you Drewski for this very informative meeting."

The group then headed on to the Odori No Aki event. Later in the day at 2:30PM, Kyoko would have her own conference. The Newser will write about it later.

Bixyl Shuftan

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