Thursday, December 20, 2018

"A Christmas Carol" by Seanchai Library's Dickens Project

By Gemma Cleanslate

Again LEA7 has the  marvelous depiction of “A Christmas Carol”  by Dickens. This is the 8th year of the project, November30 - December 30: The Dickens Project 2018 Edition presented by Seanchai Library.. It has happy events as tours, readings, and parties are  going on during the month.

A collaboration of many built the scenes in the town and all the sights and sounds.  I remember last year Caldonia Skytower, one of the majors of the project,  saying it is like walking into a picture book. And it is.

This year they have also added the Urchin Experience. I saw some of the urchins while I was wandering the streets. If you would like to be an urchin read about it here. I looks like great fun .

I took the carriage ride over the bridge and around through the town to see the marvelous build. Or take the balloon tour for an overview. Take a walk and enter the buildings to see life as it was back then. Pick up the staves (chapters) around the region that tells The Christmas Carol. It will be open until the end of December .

“A soundscape created by Dagmar Kohime will enhance the immersion of the region-exploring experience. Sounds of all kinds can be heard all over the region: a fiddler plays at Fezziwig's warehouse, the sounds of Nephew Fred's party guests wafts into the street near his home, and the Merchants Alley rings with sound of urchin laughter.”  So listen...

Sunday afternoon I spent at the premier of” Christmas Carol” ballet at the Royal Opera Garnier Auditorium . Ina Carpaccio created  the performance by the Deja Vu scenic group and was performed to classical music and Christmas Carols. I almost felt sorry for poor Mr Scrooge when the Marley’s ghost  descended upon him. He was very frightening.

The Spirit of Christmas past and present  danced by Ina  in a lovely costume was not as frightening.  Mr Scrooge followed her willingly. The party from Christmas past was held in a giant snowglobe. The visit to the Cratchit home was poignant with Tim sitting on the bed as the family danced around the room.

Christmas Future was not very optimistic for Scrooge, who is nearly frightened to death . Ina danced the Christmas Future in a costume that matched the frightening view and left Scrooge kneeling by his own grave.

However.. all is well the next morning as Scrooge is able to take care of the Cratchits and all is well as the last scene shows.

The choreography is stunning as usual as is the costuming . It is always a delight to attend any performance by Deja Vu. The audience was entranced during the entire ballet .As one audience member put it ,”beautifully dynamic and tasteful”.

You have several opportunities to see it before it closes:

 Sunday, 23 Dec 2018, 2 pm slt
Saturday, 29 Dec 2018, 5 pm slt,
Sunday, 30 Dec 2018, 2 pm slt 

Gemma Cleanslate

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