Saturday, June 22, 2019

SL16B Opening Speech

Although the Second Life Sixteenth Birthday started June 20, it was on the 21st that the opening speech was given. On that day, residents were told it would be at the Festival Stage, which was filling the role held by the "Cake Stage" of the resident-run SLB events.

Like "The Cake," the Festival Stage covered the meeting corners of four sims, SL16B Exhilarate, Fascinate, Magnificent, and Mesmerize. This allows a large number of residents to be at an event at once.

The one problem, it can take a while, and processing power, to rezz all those avatars.

Squeaky Mole told everyone, "Voice is enabled for the speech, but we would like to ask you  to not speak as residents. This is for Patch Linden only! We'll also type the speech for those without voice enabled. Thank you! (If possible, during the speech please do not spam the chat so everyone can read on their own speed). ... Please do not request Linden Bears until after the speech!" Squeaky would also text Patch Linden's speech to the crowd.

"Welcome to all who have come! Thank you for being with us today to celebrate Second Life turning 16! I’d like to start out with taking an opportunity to thank some people. First, Ebbe Linden, Linden Lab’s CEO.  Ebbe has blessed me with the opportunity to be here with all of you today, and empowered me to do what I am for all of you.  I will be forever grateful for everything you have enabled for me Ebbe, for Second Life and Linden Lab. All of these people came together to make this entire event, these regions and all of the support with the coordination of the events to ensure it will run smoothly: Our Resident volunteer staff: Leondra, Cordie, Golan, Pygar, Dawny, Chloe, Jackstir and the rest of the stage crew, greeters and other volunteers. Our Moles: Squeaky, Ancient & Magic, Abnor, Naughty, Silent, Mischievious, Alotta, plus others who were involved with creating the content you are surrounded with in these regions. Other Lindens for their involvement and support:  Derrick, Xiola, Brett, Constantine, Strawberry, Kristin, Tommy plus many more who were behind the scenes supporting our efforts..And our many Resident content contributors, exhibitors, and performers, who will put their talents on display throughout the event and our various streaming services partners.

"For sixteen years, we have been able to experience a vast array of people, communities, lifestyles, and places all connected in a meaningful and immersive environment.  Second Life has brought all of us an entire world of diversity and openness, which in any other environment could continue to be challenging to discover, whether that be in real life, elsewhere, or even on other platforms. We continue to witness Second Life enable people from all corners of the globe to create, socialize, experiment, develop relations, engage in education, or business and even perhaps find the love of their life.  Sometimes those may follow through into the real world with opportunities as it has for me…. in both the professional sense and the personal sense such as with my loving husband who is also here with us today. 

"As Second Life continues to demonstrate what it has over the past 16 years, that you can find almost every interest you might have, presented in various and unique ways.... we are committed to helping and allowing everyone continue to explore, create, and socialize for many years to come. Let us all take the time to go and explore the regions that the entire community has worked on for this very special event. We hope all of you enjoy the festivities and we look forward to another great year! Without further delay…  Join us 10am SLT as we listen to incredible music by Parker Static.

"Happy 16th Birthday Second Life!!"

There would be a video available of the speech, but unedited footage. The speech itself was about from 5:15 to 8:55 in the video.

The crowd listened, then applauded once it was over.

Among the Lindens there was Strawberry, whom had been known as Strawberry Singh until hired in April by the Lab.

It wasn't long at all before some began asking for Linden bears.

But besides passing them out, they also started riding copies of one particular devilish-looking bear.

Kona Linden looked rather serious as his peers were funning around behind him.

At 10AM, Parker Static, the first of the Music Faire musicians, began singing.

Which resulted in Lindens and Residents dancing away.

As the day went on, there would be more singers at the Festival Stage. And this would be just the first day out of two for it. And there will be more events to come at the SL16B.

Bixyl Shuftan

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