Friday, July 2, 2010

Creative Challenges and Innovative Ideas at the UWA

The University of Western Australia (UWA), founded by Sir John Winthrop Hackett, is a leading Australian research university and has an international reputation for excellence, innovation and enterprise. A member of the Australian 'Group of Eight' research universities, it is also among Australia's leading research universities. Sitting on the banks of the Swan River, the UWA Crawley campus is the oldest in Western Australia and among the most picturesque in the nation with its grand sandstone and terracotta buildings sitting among elegant heritage-listed gardens. The UWA in SL consists of three sims, including UWA, University of Western Australia and WASP Land.

Two competitions are running simultaneously through August 2010, the Imagine Challenge and the Flagship Challenge. The Imagine Challenge focuses on Arts and Design, while the Flagship Challenge focuses on Architecture. The competitions are taking place monthly with prizes awarded each month.

I recently visited the 3D Art & Design Challenge for the Imagine Challenge segment of the competitions. Even the landing point is unique in it's design with a swirling circle of color and an image resembling an eye. The Imagine Challenge focuses on limitless imagination. The challenge is to create a work of art using any form, shape, influence or medium. Awards are given in multiple categories. All non-winners will receive a share of the monthly pool beginning with $L6000 and increasing with donations to the tip jar at the Imagine Gallery.

The artwork is absolutely incredible! The designs range from ethereal to surreal to abstract. Skillful use of color and sculpties applies to these magnificent creations. There are sculptures both real and abstract, 3D pictures, a solar system complete with rotation and sound, and a piece which at first looks like colored pole lamps but is really shapes connected to five the effect of flowers in glass--at least that was my interpretation, perhaps not the intention of the artist. There is even a cosmic egg with what looks like an circular embryo in the center. All are very ingenious and creative pieces of art and a must see for all.

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