Monday, October 18, 2010

Scary-Cute Halloween

On October 16 about a dozen residents and friends of Syzygy met for a Hallowe'en Party hosted by Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks and Elric Anatine. The theme of the party was "Scary Cute Hallowe’en", and our hosts picked two of the best SL spots to fit that description: Lunamaruna and Spookyville.

The party started at Hallowe'en Cake!, located at Cake, Cake (115, 106, 22). From there the group started with "Cute Halloween" by first visiting Lunamaruna, located at project Z Lennox Hill (60, 143, 23).

SL resident and artist Scottius Polke created Lunamaruna. It is a unique blend of art, fun, and fantasy set in an imaginative village. When you arrive at Lennox Hill, there is a shuttle waiting to take you to Lunamaruna. Hop in! You'll be zipped to the landing pad for Lunamaruna. From there, run down the ramp into the village. Flying manatees, giant trampolines, and hand-drawn textures are part of the fun you’ll find here.

Next it was time for the scary. We zipped over to Spookyville, located at Spookyville, SeaChel Barkadeer (146, 148, 26). Chely Lock created Spookyville. It is the best of Hallowe’en—fun, scary and loaded with both tricks and treats.

From the moment you arrive at Spookyville, you’ll find eerie sounds, flying ghosts, and an eye-ball greeter. Walk through the mist to get to the Dead and Breakfast Inn. Stay at your own risk here. This is a huge haunted house with lots of rooms and things to check out.

When you’ve seen the Inn, cross the bridge to reach the haunted brothel. Watch out for spider webs. When you reach it, you’ll find another large haunted house--3-stories of scary. On the porch there's a gift for you, if you dare. Inside the house, be sure to check out the kitchen. Click open the oven and fridge! Treat yourself to a candy apple, too. There are lots of surprises here.

On the second floor is a sign dedicating a corner of the build to USF Hyde, a musician and friend. Also from the second floor you can step out onto the balcony to see the graveyard below. This is a great spot to take a picture or two, but make sure you walk around the graveyard as well. There are lots of tricks and spooky things awaiting you here.

The Spookyville note card encourages you to click on graves or beds or cobwebs—everything really--to see what they might do. It also says there is a skeleton that you can shoot by getting a free pumpkin gun out of the freebie box located beside him. I didn’t find the skeleton, so I may have to go back.

In addition to the sites I’ve described, check out Little Island, the Haunted Orphanage, and more. Ladders are located in dead tree stumps to teleport you to the other haunted houses and locations. Lock says her sim is always under construction because she likes to add and change things. So one trip may not be enough to see all the fun here.

Both Lunamaruna and Spookyville are open through October.

Grey Lupindo

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