Friday, July 5, 2013

4rth of July at Areo Pines

On the evening of July 4rth, Areo Pines held their annual Independence Day music concert. The place was crowded, close to fifty avatars present at times. The event took place at the Equus sim. This was the seventh year the virtual forest park has held these events.

Sorry for the late invite but the sim has been packed! Come experience and up close and personal High Quality concert with the EAGLES as we Rock in the USA!!!!

There were a number of lawn chairs set up for people to sit in. Or one could sit at one of the picnic tables and grab a hot dog. One of the park rangers was at a grill, serving up burgers and more franks. There were also dispensers one could pick up sparklers, and some of the people there had them in hand.

There were also some beer kegs about. No word on whether or not anyone was picked up for horseback riding while intoxicated.

Being a 4rth of July party, many were dressed in red white and blue. One was dressed in a "Wonder Woman" outfit. There was also a horse avatar walking about. And Areo Pines Park owner Cindy Bolero was there, dancing away with the group as the music from the "Eagles" played.

The event went late into the evening, the place still packed and all having fun.

Areo Pines Park has many events around the year. Plus any day people can come by for horseback riding, or just walk the forest trails at their own pace.

Bixyl Shuftan

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