Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer Fair at Aero Pines Park

By Gemma Cleanslate

Aero Pines Park, a favorite place for many of us, has a Summer Fair and Carnival in Equus hosted by the Aero Pines Park Rangers and the Bravo Carnival Company. Every fun game that you have ever played, and every ride you have ever enjoyed in Second Life seems to be here for your vacation fun if you are having a staycation like many of us. Take your friends and have a ball!
On the way in, grab a mallet and test your strength at the High Striker game. There are lots of arcade games on the midway to try, some very familiar like Whack a Mole. One game I had never seen called Zombie Meltdown was great fun. Out in the rodeo field I saw someone riding a bucking bull for points. I will skip that. There is a fast carousel, a scary roller coaster, bumper cars, and an enormous ferris wheel, my favorite ride, along with some others you will recognize.  Take a walk through the Fun House, that is a real maze. Good luck! 
Wandering around all the sims of Aero Pines is always so interesting no matter when you go. I took the long long ride from the sky isle down the water slide and right into the ocean! When you land, you are near the bumper boats so have some fun there too.  Do not miss the log flume ride!!! Rezz a log and jump in and you will be on the journey of your life. The log is hauled up inclines and slides down the water ways, wending its way to the end. 
Outside the entrance to the carnival you will find the brochure and a list of the many teleports you can take to various areas of the Park that are always available. I saw some people  riding horses on the beach not too far from the carnival. Rezz a demo horse and ride the trails. I do that often. I also found some new little golf cars to rezz and took a ride around before I had to leave. Be sure to read the directions (laughter).  
Just get to the Carnival before the end of August! Enjoy!  

Gemma Cleanslate

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