Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Preparations For Burn2

By Gemma Cleanslate

Time is passing quickly as burners get ready for the 2013 Burn2. I visited Deep Hole, the home sim of Burning Man in second life. The sales kiosks are set up for those buying  plots for the event. If you don’t Have yours yet better get over there. Building begins on September 17th so hurry! 
There are several sized plots available but going fast. There are volunteer kiosks there too.  Gerlach, the entrance town, is clean and ready with all the buildings in place. I found an area where the Department of Mutant Vehicles has set up a building location so people can try their hands at creating vehicles for the roadways. There are materials available to help you get started if you want to add to the fleet. There is another area where you can try your hand at building and people on call to help. I watched someone working on sitting scripting. Meeting circles are set for those who have volunteered to help with tasks. 
I know the temple team builders are already at work in a hidden place, at least planning, and I am sure The builders of the Man are hard at work too. There have already been a few classes to give assistance to new builders and will be more coming. The Rangers will have training classes all this next week. I know the Art Department has chosen the Juried camps SL artists and they were published the other day in the SL Newser.   If you are not familiar with the Burn2 in second life I refer you to the website for all the history and background you need: There is also a form for volunteering in one service or another . 
There are many opportunities for putting your talents to work to make the Burn a big success and it is explained on the site: Take a look. Being a Ranger is work but fun also. Training begins very soon so sign up if you like moderating.  Lamplighters have marches to the man every night lighting the lamp on the roadways. Greeters are the first people you meet as you enter the burn1 and can direct you to freebies and parties and builds that you are looking for. Translators are so helpful because the Burn2 in SL is an international event.  The skilled scripters and builders work with the DPW or theDMV to make your sims available with roads, water, and what the builders need. Use your particular talent to make the Burn2 a great experience for all by volunteering. Look at the descriptions on the page above to see how you might fit into the burn2 family. More to come. 
Gemma Cleanslate

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