Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Trixie's Magic Show

By Bixyl Shuftan

I was recently informed that a magic show in the pony sim of Thessalia would soon be having it's last one for a while. So wondering what the show was about, I headed over to the LM provided in the announcement. The location was a clearing in some woods with a number of pillows for seating with a cartoony-looking wagon in front. On the cushions were an audience of about a dozen and a half, mostly ponies but there were a few others. Over the next few minutes, a few more arrived, bringing the number to about two dozen.

Finally the wagon snapped open into a stage, a few pyrotechnics went off, and a blue pony in a purple star-speckled cape appeared. "Come one, come all!" she called out, "It's time once again to witness, the AMAZING show-stopping ability,  of the Mare of Magic! Presenting the most magical unicorn in Equestria! The one! The only! The Great and Powerful TRIXIE!!" There was applause from the ponies, "Yay Trixie!" The magician continued, "That's right, ponies, The Great and Powerful Trixie is finally back to astound and amaze you all! Trixie will ask for volunteers later, to come on stage with Trixie, like a true fan! Decide now if you will help and be ready! Prepare for an experience never before experienced by pony eyes! It's time to get started!"

Trixie started things off with a card trick, showing a set of cards inviting the audience to make a mental note of one, then with a flash, there was one less card in the set, "And ... your card is gone!" After another illusion trick, she called out, "Trixie now wants to present the most dramatic stunt, discovered in another land! Trixie presents the amazing..." and a large wooden crate appeared on stage, "...SCARY BOX 5000!!" There were a couple gasps from the audience, "Oh my." The magician continued, "Trixie will need a volunteer from the audience... some pony brave. Who will help Trixie?" One of the ponies trotted onto the stage. The magician had her hop on top of the crate, "Now, stay there no matter what. Trixie will now lower you into the box... Good, now just stay very still. Trixie now presents the SCARY part!! Give Trixie a little room here..." 

Then a number of saw blades appeared, and there were more gasps from the audience, "ooooohh!" "Yikes!" Trixie continued, "Trixie will just step out of the way now.. excuse Trixie... Nopony spoil the surprise for our friend in the box, now! Now, Trixie learned a story to go along with this trick.... It goes like this: In a world before time, 10 saws faced one crate in eternal battle! And the great Queen Neighfertiti decreed... Oh, ponyfeathers. Trixie isn't going to tell the whole silly story. Let's just give our friend a push, shall we? Keep your eyes on the box!" And the box was moved into the spinning sawblades, cutting through it right in front of the audience of ponies, "Holy celestia!" Then the walls of the box collapsed, and there was nothing inside. The voulenteer then trotted out from behind the stage and the audience cheered and claps, "Best yet!" The magician took a bow, "Another amazing trick by the Great and Powerful Trixie!"

The show continued with the next act involving a tale of pony lore, Trixie acting with her usual boastful bravado. Then came the stage transforming into a castle for a few minutes, until the crystal shattered into a thousand sparkles, leaving behind just the stage. Not having watched the cartoon, yours truly wondered if this was part of a roleplay in the spirit of the show. Those donating into the tip jar got an autographed picture of the magician.

Eventually, the show came to a close, the magician saying. "Thank you all! Trixie hopes you have enjoyed the last show of her comeback tour!" And the audience cheered, "That was incredible." "This made my new year a lot better. (grin)" One lady broke the proverbial fourth wall with her comment, "(My) daughter watched on my screen, she says thank you too Trixie." "You did spectacular, and Im happy I saw the whole show." The pony took a bow, "Trixie wishes you all a fantastic 2015, and hopes all the best for you in the new year. May it be as Magical as I am!"

The magician thanked the following people for technical help, "Trixie would like to thank Marjan Tomba for technical and pyrotechnical assistance! Trixie would also like to thank Wandy and Lady Silvermane for mixing advice and support, and Sheruka for animation support! Thank you also to Rina-Chan for giving Trixie voice, and to Kiteless Dragon for the introduction voice over! Most of all, Trixie thanks all of you for still being loyal fans after so much time! Trixie hopes to meet each and every one of you at her next show!"

But her next show might not be for a while. I later met up with Crim Nip, who told me that most likely there wouldn't be another of Trixie's performances for a year and a half due to the person behind the avatar's increasingly busy real-life. It might actually be the last show.

Bixyl Shuftan

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