Wednesday, January 21, 2015

ArtFest 4

By Gemma Cleanslate

I went over to Eclectic Diversity to visit my friend Huntress Catteneo, one of the sponsors of ArtFest 4. Attica Bekkers is the other who opens this event to the artists of Second Life.  The installation of art exhibits has begun and the artists are working on their pieces. 

For those that don't know and those that need a reminder, ArtFest is a CHARITY art competition to raise funds for disaster relief.  100% of the $L raised with ArtFest is converted to real-life money, and donated to the Red Cross/Crescent (Via their Everyday Heroes program).  The Red Cross was chosen, as it is an organization that helps around the globe without discrimination (” according to Huntress.
I roamed around and took a bunny ride so I could see the land from above. Catch the bunny ride near the water at the entrance if you like. I saw that the  little carnival area is all set up with some fun games and rides  already. 
I cant wait to see the finished products. Last year there were some  very lovely pieces there. When the pieces are all finished you are invited to vote for your favorites. There is a great diversity, from 2D art, 3D art, sculpture, performance, poetry and more. There is still room for applicants . If you wish to participate you can contact Huntress. She told me that there will be an underwater art exhibit too. You are invited to visit at any time now while the building is going on. Later there will be parties and shows.  
Huntress says to those interested in applying for a spot,  “Artists/builders may enter as many different categories as you like.  This event is designed to attract people back to the Sim again and again. And to this end, you are asked to please build on the sim, if you can rather than elsewhere, and to build slowly in stages.  The constant change provides more interest for people to keep returning.  This event is not set up as a gallery, it is a landscape you walk around to explore what new thing is around each bend, in each new environment (plains, mounts, cave, under water, little isle).”  There will be a bazaar also so the artists may offer their wares and part of the sale will go to the Red Cross / Crescent also.  The entrance is here . Enjoy!
Gemma Cleanslate

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