Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Feed a Smile at The Lavender Field

By BloodyKitty

An event is going on today in The Lavender Field for Feed a Smile this Sunday June 14 at 1:00PM. The residents in this particular sim are holding an event with live music. Upon first arriving there, there is a whole load of people there giving donations and supporting the event just by being there too. If your like me with a computer that isn't for gaming or the best in the world it will lag, but it's worth it. There's everything from a stage to a dance floor, to lots of pretty scenery like flowers, trees, as well as little details like a river and bridge. As I was walking around and discovering everything out, I could hear the faint sound of ducks quacking in the background. Of course no one is forcing anyone to donate, but it'd be nice to help out.

Basically from what I could understand from the description of the sim and what was going on, the event is basically to help  poor children in need on the Live and Learn in Kenya Int'l program. If you donate $100 Lindens than a child will receive a warm meal. Besides that to have a more enjoyable experience then just donating money to those in need, there is also a DJ, music, events, and art shows there too. What put a smile on my face was the amount of people there, which at least had to be possibly ten or even twenty at the least. The place is group owned when I checked, the founder being someone named Brique Topaz. The points that I have to point out about the group is that it is free, free, free! Although you may like to pay to be in groups, this one is not one of those, which is nice for the less fortunate of residents who don't have much cash to flaunt out like myself. 

For the parcel information which is another thing to point out quick the rating is moderate. This basically means that the content may be a bit above being kid friendly whether it's some vulgar words as well as "sexy" clothing. This one doesn't seem to have such things from my viewing of it and more of people having friendly conversations, supporting the event, as well as using gestures to have loads of fun. As for the other points there is no voice chat, building, or scripts allowed, but flying is. Some of these things may be a tiny negative to those who enjoy those things listed, but I'm personally cool with anything really. After awhile of being in the virtual world you enjoy the choices land owners make on what options to enable and disable. 

I suggest you really check it out and try to donate a bit, whether if it's of your time or $100L at least. If your the kind of person that's crazy about events or helping charities in some way it's a good place to go to. While I didn't stick around long myself because of the lag I was experiencing from so many residents being on the land, from walking around and seeing the interaction it's worth a look.

The event took place at Feed A Smile (62/132/23). Among the performers was Rosedrop Rust.


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