Friday, June 19, 2015

Get Ready For The SL12B

By Gemma Cleanslate

It is only a matter of hours now . The SL12B celebration will open to the public on Sunday,June 21 at noon SL time! Be ready ! I have been busy on the sims for several weeks now helping the builders get settled on their parcels,  helping make adjustments to the areas, answering questions and roaming in general.. The process has been amazing , watching the flat sims fill with wondrous creations rising into the sky.

The theme, What Dreams May Come , is visible everywhere .  Many of the parcels are full of dreams, some subtle, some inviting to relaxation and dreaming there now. In the center is the Cake Stage, by Mikati Slade. It fills your mind and soul as you look at it. The other fantastic stages too are awaiting the parties that will go on most of the day and night. There is an events page on the website.
I urge you to make time during that week to visit and revisit the sims to see all the builds that are there . There is a BIG HUNT going on and the parcels where you see the sign has a gift you can look for and take. To get around there is a pod ride you can hop onto that will give you descriptions of some of the parcels. Hop off anytime you want to visit those that entice you . The Dreamatorium is hosting many presenters , including some important people so keep an eye on that too. The sims will stay open until July 4 for viewing so you will have plenty of time to come and go. Many artists have put their parcels in the destination guide so you can go right to their installation. 

Take a look here to get a sneak preview and wet your appetite!  Most of all ,I mean this,  come dressed to prevent lag and save time for all the sims!

See you there ! 

Gemma Cleanslate

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