Saturday, November 7, 2015

Scenes From The "Creepy Crawl"

By Bixyl Shuftan

Friday October 30 was the day of the "Creepy Crawl," a Linden-organized event to help residents celebrate Halloween. To begin with, by a "crawl" the name meant not like a spider's crawl, but like a "bar crawl," in which someone visits several bars on one evening, spending a short amount of time at each. For this event involving several venues, the idea was to spend a half hour at each location and then move on to the next.

The event started at 10 AM just in front of the Hallowe'en Hay Maze in the North Channel sim in the Bay City area.

Marianne McCann, a familiar face around Bay City, DJed for the half hour.

Longtime resident Kenny Luckless was there, with a carved melon over his head.

And there were some Lindens at the event, such as Whitney Linden.

Xiola Linden, who announced the event on the Linden blog, was also there of course, sporting a spooky look.

Chef Linden was there too, with a scary look with a flaming jack o' lantern for a head.

There were Halloweenish avatars of all kinds. With this lady, "the eyes have it."

 Looks like this fellow is half the man he used to be.

 At one point, Marianne started a conga line.

It was quite a good start for the crawl, with many "conga-rats" to Bay City.

At 10:30 AM, it was time for the next stop on the crawl, Dance Island.

The teleport took us some distance away from the club, so we had to walk over.

Draxtor Despress, the man behind the "Drax Files" was there in a raccoon avatar, but he had a little trouble with it at first.

But it soon fully rezzed. No word on whether the raccoon avatar would be doing a new show, "The Trashcan Files."

 Part of the dance floor resembled a pond. The gator in it behaved himself, though.

 DJ Money Wonder was playing the music. Yours truly didn't find him in the crowd, though.

At 11AM, the crawl moved on to the third location, the Vampyr Empire, in Transylvania.

This was the oldest of the vampire-themed areas in Second Life. If you're an ordinary human here, life can, well, suck. 

Natty Linden joined the group of  partiers.

 Looks like someone brought along a flux capacitor. But how would she go 88 miles an hour?

 At 11:30AM, the crowd headed on to Bat World in the Snow Crash sim.

The place tried to bring up publicity of how some species of bats have suffered from declining populationsi n recent years.

Xiola Linden sported a pair of wings. There were only two bat avatars flying around, though.

At Noon SL time, the crowd headed to Pumpkin Town in Canine Cove.

I didn't see any canine avatars, though some were showing canine teeth.

At 12:30PM the group headed to Club End of Days, a goth club, in the End of Days sim

The owner of the club was Wendy Fiertze, dressed up as a witch.

At 1PM SL time, the Crawl headed to the American Cancer Society sim.

There was another Linden there, Pigeon Linden.

"From the, town of Bedrock ..."

1:30 PM SL time brought the party to AEG Haunted Beach

At 2PM SL time, the Creepy Crawl reached it's final destination, Portal Park.

 Residents were invited to try out the mole-created Haunted Halloween Tour.

"This TV show is intense. It just reaches out and grabs you."

Much of it was a cart ride in which you got in a coffin and sat back and "enjoyed" the show.

And a little dark humor thrown in, Second Life style.

It was quite a fun event. There were many others on Halloween Weekend 2015. But only here could you have scary fun alongside some Lindens.

Bixyl Shuftan

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